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10 Tips on Examining an Eero Aarnio Ball Chair for Quality

The 1960s famous Eero Aarnio Ball Chair is one of the most recognized pieces of modern furniture today. Form and function playfully meet in Eero’s iconic ball, providing comfort, privacy and security within its cushioned global shell. The geometric shape and 60’s personality allows the Ball Chair to fit equally in a modern home as it does in a retro-modern or retro furnished home. The acoustics of the Eero Aarnio Ball Chair adds to its appeal and sense of privacy. Eero himself put a phone inside his personal Ball Chair. Today, it is more likely that a laptop and cell phone will find its home inside Eero’s Ball Chair. But no matter what technology is used, a quality Ball Chair should be chosen that represents Eero’s authentic modern furniture design. Examining your Bubble Chair for these ten specifications will help you determine whether your Eero Aarnio Ball Chair is a quality purchase for modern furniture enthusiasts:

1) The Eero Aarnio Ball Chair is molded from fiberglass. Inferior copies will be made from PVC or ABS plastic, which are plastics that are softer than fiberglass and don’t hold their form as well.

2) The fiberglass shell on the Ball Chair has a glossy finish – imperative for authentic modern furniture. Quality Ball Chairs are gel-coated, and should have a 5-layer high gloss water-resistant finish. The original Eero Aarnio Ball Chair is not painted because the paint chips off easily, however many ball chairs are found with five or more coats of acrylic paint that are lacquered to a glossy finish to reduce paint chipping.

3) The fiberglass shell and the fiberglass base on the Ball Chair should match. Poor replicas of the Ball Chair, such as the “sphere chair,” will have a polished metal base, or worse, a cement base.

4) The swivel feature is an important feature in Eero Aarnio’s Ball chair. There should be an integrated swivel mechanism, such as an open ball bearing, that permits a 360-degree swivel.

5) The base of Eero’s Ball Chair is flat, with a slight curve, not thick and rounded. There should be only a small height difference between the base of the pedestal and the bottom of the chair. An easy way to judge a poor replica is to look at the height between the base of the pedestal and the bottom of the chair. A longer stem detracts from its significant geometric stature that makes it a sculptural work of art.

6) The upholstery inside the shell of the chair is divided into five sections. Many poor replicas have the upholstery divided into smaller sections. The cushion is typically a dense foam or fiberfill, cheap leather upholstery is frowned upon.

7) Inside the Ball Chair, there should be a quality foam cushion of high density along with the upholstered and cushioned interior. This cushion should be removable, and should provide a seat and a back. It should have the appearance of a lounge cushion rather than a mere seat cushion.

8) The fabric upholstered on the Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair should be a quality wool blend, preferably a 100% wool blend or virgin wool woven fabric. However, today’s wide array of fabrics allows for a multitude of fabric choices, and comfort is always the primary concern.

9) The original color of Eero’s Ball Chair was red, and a white and red, white and black, or white and orange themes are closest to the original manufactured Ball Chairs. The color chosen should coincide with the surrounding modern furniture pieces and the scheme of the interior design. Today’s color selections are as varied as fabric selections.

10) When the Ball Chair is angled it should fit through a standard door. The measurements are around 47 to 48 inches high (120cm), 41 to 42 inches wide (105cm), and around 39” deep (99cm).

Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair is the most thoroughly enjoyed piece of modern furniture wherever there is a desire for privacy, comfort, a sculptural statement, or a truly modern or retro iconic interior design. The popularity of the Ball Chair has resulted in many poor replicas, however by examining the ten tips listed above, you’ll be sure to buy a quality Eero Aarnio designer Ball Chair that will be the center of attention within your modern home furniture collection.