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10 Tips for Cleaning Your Leather Bar Stools

You want your leather bar stools to last a life time, so it’s important for you to ensure they’re properly maintained and cleaned. Following are ten tips to help you keep up the appearance of your bar stools and lengthen their usable life.1. Clean up any spills, without delaying. You should clean spills immediately, using a slightly damp cloth, ensuring the leather isn’t saturated with water or the liquid from the spill.2. Use leather cleaner to remove any persistent spills or stains. Don’t scrub the leather with a wet rag or any other abrasive material. Using leather cleaner on stains will ensure the leather is properly protected during the cleaning process.

3. If scratches appear on the leather, you should repair in a timely manner so they are not allowed to deepen or weaken the leather permanently. Use a touch up kit of the appropriate shade that is specifically designed for leather scratch repairs.

4. Never use rough or abrasive rags, wash cloths or other material to wipe down, clean or otherwise maintain your leather bar stools. Leather can be damaged or weakened by rough or scratchy materials.5. Dust the bar stools with appropriate cleaners. This may mean using one cleaner on the wooden or metal frame, and a different cleaner on the leather sets and back. Always use a product appropriate for leather when cleaning your bar stools.6. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any crumbs, dust, dirt or other debris from the crevices in your bar stools. Don’t let debris build up in crevices, as it can become difficult to remove over time, as it is allowed to thicken and harden. Built up debris can also cause damage to the leather located at the seams of the crevices, shortening the usable life of your bar stools.7. Set a regular cleaning schedule for your bar stools. Having a schedule and sticking to it will allow you to keep your bar stools in tip top condition, maintaining the general appearance of the bar stools and keeping them looking like new, no matter how old they may actually be.

8. Treat the leather on your bar stools with a leather conditioner every year. Use a soft non-abrasive rag to work the leather conditioner thoroughly into the material, ensuring it is appropriately saturated with the conditioner. Allow the leather to completely dry before using the bar stools. Treating your bar stools with good quality leather conditioner annually will keep the leather supple and soft for a life time.

9. Waterproofing your bar stools will help prevent spills and other accidents from doing any permanent damage to your bar stools. You should waterproof your leather bar stools annually with a quality leather product. Waterproofing chemicals should be allowed to dry completely before using the bar stools again.

10. Thoroughly examine your leather bar stools at least once a year for any maintenance or repair that may be required. Make sure you examine the leather in a brightly lit area, making any defects, scratches, nicks or other anomalies more visible.