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10 Details to Review before Buying Your Danish Modern Egg Chair

The original Egg Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in the 1950’s is one of Jacobsen’s iconic masterpieces that was originally created to furnish the first skyscraper in Denmark. The original Egg Chair captures executive appeal and home-comfort in a visually light yet embracing sculpture. The Egg Chair has become an iconic design of power and leadership in the entertainment industry, yet it is praised by today’s modern furniture enthusiasts for its comfortable embracing nature. This Danish masterpiece carves its essence of power and luxury into its environment through its expertly designed lines and implicit use of space in its creation.

This notable piece of modern furniture was originally designed for businesses. Its executive design and swivel action adds practicality and astounding flair to the interior design of any office, hotel, lobby or conference room. However, the Egg Chair has gained international recognition, and devout followers cherish the Egg Chair in the comfort of their own homes. The Egg Chair ’s iconic design sits well in any modern, retro, or modern-retro home interior design.

When you are evaluating your Egg Chair purchase, examine the following ten details to confirm that you are making a purchase that is well within the scope of this Danish Designer’s original intentions:

1) The four legs of the Egg Chair should be formed from injection moulded aluminum.

2) The steel tubing that supports its swivel action is manufactured from a welded piece of steel tubing that is 1.4” by .07” (38mm by 2mm) in diameter, and a matching steel spindle that is 1.10” (28mm). 3) The tilt mechanism should adjust to the weight of the individual. 4) The components of the tilt mechanism, including the spring and handle, should also be made of steel. 5) The steel finish in the base, swivel mechanism and tilt mechanism should be satin-polished. 6) The shell of the Egg Chair is created from a single mold with polyurethane foam that is reinforced with glass fiber to retain its form and provide long-lasting comfort. The shell of the Egg Chair should appear close to the ground.

7) The Egg Chair is now upholstered in a large variety of fabrics. The 50th anniversary edition is upholstered in the chair’s classic top-quality leather, and a recent tribute to the Egg Chair upholstered a collection of Danish chairs in a unique and unprecedented patchwork design.

8) There are approximately 1,300 stitches in the Egg Chair’s upholstery.

9) A classic Egg Chair has a height of 42.12” (107cm), a width of 33.85” (86cm), and a depth of 31.10’ (79cm) to 37.40” ( 95cm) in its tilt action.

10) The Egg Chair is surprisingly light at approximately 39.9 pounds (18.1k). This will vary with the choice of upholstery.

Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair is a design of proportional and sculptural excellence. The purchase of your Egg Chair will be a wise investment and give you the satisfaction of a lifetime if you review these ten specifications before making your purchase. Whether your purchase of the Egg Chair is for a home or business, a modern or retro interior design, a quality Egg Chair will provide your interior design with a unifying spirit of power and comfort – and display iconic excellence in any interior design you choose to create.