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Ten Awesome Furniture Designs by Ole Wanscher

The Senator Sofa. Here is a sofa that is very simple but sharp in its appearance. Like the political rank, the name “Senator” implies a sense of importance and elegance. Because this couch comes in several versions, different wooden frames from mahogany to oak to teak comprise of the legs, arms, apron, and rails. The corners of the arms are pointed giving off the appearance of a 90-degree angle. The back of the couch includes three horizontal rails to support the spring cushions protected by wool covers. There are a total of six cushions; three seat cushions and three back cushions.

The Colonial Chair. The origin of this chair goes back to the year 1949. The most distinct feature of this style of furniture is the rough looking outer appearance of the cushions. The two cushions, a seat cushion and a back cushion, are leather and loosely structured to guarantee comfort. Wood materials used to build the frames are mahogany and cane. There are four rails that support the back cushion. Four spindles also connect between each leg. The stiles arch back slightly to allow for relaxation. The top of the armrests curve down slightly before rising and connecting to the apron and side spindles, allowing about ¼ of space between the armrests and the front legs. The rear legs curve back while the front legs are perfectly straight.

The France and Son Rocking Chair. The design of this chair is slender and evokes a sense of tranquility. The cushions come in a variety of protective coverings from wool to linen, to leather. The back cushion is notable for its slightly crescent-shaped appearance where the middle of the cushion curves back before bending forward. The seat cushion is flat and square in comparison. The frame consists of an arm and a base on each side that meld together to form a trapezoidal shape with a slightly arched top and bottom to allow motion. Frames are created from a variety of wood sources from teak to rosewood to birch.

The A.J. Iverson Desk. This piece of office furniture comes in several versions, with mahogany wood or rosewood being the two most notable. There are usually two or three drawers on each end of the desk, but some versions include a wider drawer or even two similarly sized drawers in the central section of the desk. Each drawer has a single brass swing pull handle. Dividers are included inside the drawers for organizational purposes. The back section of the desk contains an extra shelf that can be pulled out. The central front of the desk is very spacious to allow for a comfortable workspace.

The Rungstedlung Dining Set. This collection is intended for use in formal settings, such as celebratory dinners and parties. First, is the oval shaped mahogany table. There are four legs with the bottom of each leg smoothed and rounded to ensure that wooden or linoleum floors don’t get damaged. Second is a serving cart that includes two tray levels. Next are the two armchairs. Consisting of mahogany frames, these chairs have a smooth, rounded rail to ensure comfort, four legs with a spindle on each side, and an armrest that is designed similarly to the furniture in the Senator Series. The seat cushion comes in linen, wool, or leather. Six more identical dining chairs without the pointed armrests complete the set.

The Egyptian Folding Stool. Comprised of a black leather covering and a mahogany or rosewood frame, this stool is ideal for resting small items. It can also be used as a small seating place. The stool has two curved stretchers on top to hold the leather seat in place. The two pairs of legs cross against each other to make folding, storage, and portability of the stool feasible. The two bases that connect to the legs run parallel to one another.

• The T-Chair. The appearance of this mahogany and leather chair is very unique, yet functional. The leather seat is wider in surface than the apron below that holds the seat cushion in place. Common seat colors are red and black. The front legs are widely spaced out and positioned at their respective corners while the rear legs are closer together and merge with the two spindles that connect to the rail to form the “T” shape.

The Gyngestol Rocking Chair. Here is a chair for lounging and relaxing on a porch or even inside a home. It has two identical, square padded cushions for the seat and back that come in a variety of styles and patterns. Some of the cushion styles and patterns include: linen, leather, wool, cotton, polyester, stripe patterns, and button patterns. The armrests and bases are similar in appearance to the France and Son rocking chair. However, the Gyngestol rocking chair has three rails and a pair of stiles to hold the back cushion in place.

The Kommode. This is a dresser that includes five rows of drawers. Each drawer has two brass swing pull handles attached. It can be displayed with or without legs, as the legs can be removed easily. Drawer dividers are included for compartmentalization purposes. Teak and mahogany are some of the more common wooden dresser versions that have been manufactured.

The Folding Table. Ole Wanscher designed several styles of tables. One of the more interesting tables is the folding table, which often has two leaves on each end. These leaves can be folded or extended, depending on the needs of the owner. Usually the tables have an oval or circular surface, but there are rectangular tables as well. The Gateleg folding table is notable for its six legs and rosewood finish.