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10 tips for choosing the Right Color for Barcelona Chair

In 1929, a classic was born: this chair, with its sleek, modern design and clean lines, was created for display at the World’s fair in Barcelona. An inspired collaboration between two brilliant German architects, the famed Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and his longtime assistant, Lilly Reich, resulted in a new direction for furniture design. The Barcelona chair adds polish and sophistication to any environment. You can use our tips on choosing the right color for your own Barcelona chair, and adding your own personal twist to this legendary piece of furniture:

•    If your walls are neutral, consider maintaining a monochrome color scheme with neutral chairs: this is refined, modern way of decorating.
•    Deep earth tones in flooring, such as dark hardwoods, are complemented by rich furniture colors, such as deep red or dark green.
•    Stark white walls cry out for contrast: consider black or a primary color for your chair.
•    A pastel, watercolor room will benefit from white or cream chairs for a light, soft palette
•    If you use jewel tones, such as emerald or rich purple in your room décor, consider using sapphire blue for your chair to continue the rich tonality.
•    In a large room, consider you Barcelona chair a sculptural piece, and pick a bright, saturated color for maximum impact.
•    Anchor a cream-and-white room palette with a black chair: the tones will all work well together.
•    If you are using wallpaper or printed window treatments, pick up one of the lesser colors in the print and use that as your chair color.
•    Cool-toned environments such as blue, violet, and mint green will be flattered by cool chair colors: think pure white, not cream.
•    Warm-toned environments such as mustard yellow or burnt orange will require warm furniture tones: cream, or tobacco brown would be good choices.

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