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10 Celeb-Sightings Of Bubble Chair

It’s a given that Eero Aarnio’s hanging bubble chair has turned the world of design upside down, making it one of the most popular chairs around. Have you ever wondered who owns a bubble chair or if it’s been used in the film industry? Or which restaurants or hotels have bubble chairs ? Read on and you’ll find out!

• Max and Lubov Azria. In their home, Max and Lubov have a clear bubble chair in a tri-corner. The chair has white cushions with big bold black and red dots on them. Surrounding the chair are several fun wall sculptures, some containing mirrors.
• Celebrities. Many celebrities have been seen trying out a bubble chair or relaxing in one while taking a break at work. Some of these celebrities are: Nina Hagen, Darryl Hannah, Carmen Electra, and even the Olsen twins!
• Cruise ship. Celebrity Cruises’ newest ship, the Celebrity Equinox, has added hanging bubble chairs to one of its bar lounges!
• Magazines. The bubble chair has made an appearance in a couple of women’s magazines as part of background scenes and of course it’s been in several designer magazines.
• The movies. The next time you watch “Dazed and Confused”, “Moon Zero Two”, or “Tommy”, look for the bubble chair! You’ll find yourself looking for a bubble chair in upcoming movies just for fun.
• Shows. The bubble chair has been spotted on a couple of TV shows. Vivienne Westwood used one in one of her shows.
• Restaurants. Restaurants with a retro or futuristic theme are incorporating the bubble chair in their lounge area. Cushions are customized to go with the theme of the lounge.
• Extreme. An extreme version of a bubble chair can be seen in the Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning flick “The Runaways”. Rather than using fiberglass, the chair is made out of metal with openings–much like an ornamental bird cage with corduroy cushions.
• Hotels. Several high-end hotels are using the bubble chair in their lobbies and lounges. Quite often the chairs are grouped together in groups of 2, 3 or 4 to make for a fun setting to chat in. The Standard Hollywood has a retro-future feel with the hanging bubble chairs in the lobby and bean bags throughout the hotel.
• Multi-million businesses. It’s not unusual to see bubble chairs at a highly profitable office. The chairs are used in the lobby area and in the actual offices.

So, if you own a hanging bubble chair, kudos to you!!! Enjoy it and have fun letting your family and friends know who else has one! You have bragging rights!

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