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10 Things You should Know About Aarnio Ball Chair

    1. The chair design was actually conceptualized by the Finnish designer Eero Aarnio while trying to create a new chair for his home. The original handmade prototype of the chair is still at Eero’s home.

    2. Two young managers from company Asko who visited Eero to discuss some pine wood furniture spotted the original chair design in 1966. It took some more years before the commercial production began.

    3. Aarnio Ball Chair was a rage in those days considering its unique design and fiberglass material used in the production. It was a sensation at Cologne furniture fair in 1966.

    4. Built on a metal swiveling base and upholstered with fiberfill, the Ball chair is considered as one of the most remarkable chairs in the history of furniture within the last century.

    5. International success of the Ball Chair encouraged the use of fiberglass in the whole range of the furniture items resulting in many more products coming in exquisite architectural designs.

    6. Aarnio Ball chair has starred in movies, TV shows, on magazine covers; has been a star attraction at furniture museums and has found a place in every connoisseur’s living room.

    7. Sitting in the Ball chair is a unique experience, since all nearby sound and clatter is considerably reduced adding to peace and a sense of privacy.

    8. The creator of the Ball chair, Aarnio also has a ball chair with a telephone in it. A number of people get speakers installed in their Ball Chairs.

    9. Vivienne Westwood in one of her shows has used the Ball chair. Apart from that, science fiction movies frequently use this Chair including Men in Black. Because of its space age geometric design, it is considered a futuristic chair.

    10. The commercial success of these chairs created markets for other Eero products like Pastil Chair, Tomato Chair, Bubble Chair, Parabel Tables, Focus Chair, Mushroom, Screw Tables, Copacabana tables, Tipi etc.