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10 Tips to Take Care of Your Eames Lounge Chair

An Eames Lounge Chair is a quality piece of furniture, and as such, it is a substantial investment. You will want to do all you can to preserve and care for your Eames Lounge Chair, particularly if you are lucky enough to have one of the early models released on the market, as they are considered collector’s items. • Always test out any cleaning supplies you may use on your Eames Lounge Chair in a hidden or less conspicuous area of the piece of furniture before diving too far into the cleaning process. You will want to ensure the cleaning supplies will not produce any wear or damage to your prized chair before really putting them to use. • You’ll need to know if the leather sections of your chair have been waterproofed. If they have, they will be more resistant to liquids, allowing you to more easily clean up spills and other messes. • If the leather has not been waterproofed, you may want to do so, as it significantly increases the life of the leather by protecting it from saturation damage. Use a water proofing product specifically designed for use on leather, and apply it annually for best results. • Be certain to use a cleaner that is designed for use on leather for cleaning any spills or stains that do appear on the leather sections of your Eames Lounger. • Using a mild soap mixed with water, you can periodically clean the surface of your leather seat and ottoman with a dampened rag or wash cloth. Be sure to use a cloth that is non-abrasive so as not to cause unnecessary wear to the leather material. Use another non-abrasive, dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture from the leather surface, and allow the chair to thoroughly dry before sitting in it again. • Clean the crevices in the chair back, seat, and ottoman surface with the help of a vacuum cleaner, and don’t allow too much dirt and debris to build up between cleanings. Letting too much build up to accumulate can cause wear to the leather seams. • For light maintenance on the molded plywood or veneer sections of your Eames Lounge Chair, use can use a vacuum cleaner or soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt. • Heavier or more substantial cleaning may be needed for the plywood sections, and you can accomplish this safely with a soft cloth treated with a wood designated dusting or cleaning product. Use a quality cleaner, treat the cloth, lightly buff the surface of the plywood with the cloth, and immediately wipe the plywood down with a dry, soft cloth or paper towel to remove any residue. • A solvent based cleaning wax can also be used to clean more persistent spots or stains that appear on the plywood surfaces of your chair. Be sure to dilute the wax properly, use a non-abrasive cloth to apply the wax, and ensure all residue is removed from the plywood. • The plastic components of your Eames Lounge Chair can be cleaned with using a mild soap diluted in water, provided you ensure proper drying following cleaning.