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10 Lights That Will Go Great With An Eero Aarnio Ball Chair

Have you recently purchased an eero aarnio ball chair for your home or office? Choosing a light that complements the ball chair is key. You need to take in consideration if you want a wall, ceiling, table or floor light. How modern of a look are you after? Here are ten great choices that will enhance any room that has a ball chair in it.

• Dual globe table light. Planning on reading as you enjoy your ball chair ? A dual globe table light is ideal. It can be placed on a small table or stand near the chair. Because the globe shades and the ball chair are the same shape, it pulls the room setting together. For added fun, purchase round globe shades that match the fabric of your ball chair .

• Glass chandelier. If your ball chair has a white exterior, consider a light that has a milk glass globe. Since the ball chair has a retro feel to it, adding a simple chandelier to the room gives a fun, yet elegant look. • Smart green cube lamps. “Go green” and experience cube lamps. These lights are 14″x14″ and can be placed anywhere. Use them on a bookcase, a coffee table or set one on the floor. Imagine sitting in your “surround sound” ball chair, listening to a great song, while enjoying the glow of these cube lamps. • Kenya floor lamp. Rather than using a ceiling light or table top light, consider a floor lamp. This lamp has a long cylinder white cotton shade. It will enhance the look of any ball chair. • Galaxy lights. For the ultimate escape, add galaxy lights. The lights have the appearance of being suspended in air! Built similar to a mobile, each grouping contains 4 or 6 uniquely shaped lights. Hang one or two groupings in the room. • Suspension pendant light. This ribbon bow-like hanging light is a lot of fun! It comes in several colors, so match it to the fabric of your ball chair. Together, the light and chair will look absolutely stunning! • Geometric pendant light. Any ball chair would look great with this modern, molecular shaped chandelier! The shields are a frosted white. • Artemide cabildo light. These horizontal oval shaped lights are spectacular! They are made to suspend from the ceiling or be mounted onto the wall. Each light is made out of die-cast aluminum with a painted white finish. Use a few in the room. • Water moon lights. If your ball chair is in your bedroom, consider purchasing three water moon lights. These round lights stay charged for eight hours and are very romantic! • Uno alien wall light. For an ultra modern room appeal, use a couple of these “spacey” shaped wall lights. Your family and friends will definitely feel like they stepped into the future. As you can see, choosing the right lighting for your chair can be just as much fun and just as important as the decision made in purchasing your eero aarnio ball chair. Decide what kind of statement you want the room to make–the right light is out there.