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10 Ideal Locations For Your Hanging Bubble Chair

One of the unique features of the hanging bubble chair is that you can actually use the chair indoors or outdoors! The chair is weather resistant and has a built-in channel that allows water to drain. Another nice feature is that you can hanging the chair from the ceiling or utilize a special stand that just needs to be on leveled ground. Consider one of these options for placing your chair.

• Front porch. If you live in a fairly quiet area, consider putting your hanging chair on the front porch. Add a few containers of flowers and a wind chime, and you’ll have a cozy spot to enjoy a cool glass of lemonade or flip through a magazine.

• Deck. A deck outback might be a quieter option. Imagine while waiting for something to cook on the grill, you’re able to sway in your bubble chair and enjoy the great outdoors!

• Near the pool. A bubble chair would be a lot of fun to have near a swimming pool or hot tub. If you have kids, you can supervise them while you enjoy the chair. Remember, a stand can be used with the bubble chair , rather than hanging it from a ceiling.

• In a garden. Find an ideal spot in your garden for your bubble chair. Maybe it’s near the roses, by the rock garden, or next to a small pond. You’ll be spending hours enjoying the gentle breeze and the movement of your chair.

• Office. Have an office at home? Place the bubble chair in a corner. When you need to take a break, enjoy! Kick back with a cup of coffee and a good book.

• Bedroom. At the end of the work day, you want time to relax and de-stress. By putting your bubble chair in the bedroom, you’ll have privacy. An uninterrupted 15-20 minute break can recharge you for evening school concerts, ball games, meetings, etc. • Great room. The great room, or family room, is a fun location for your bubble chair. As you sit, twirl or sway, you’ll enjoy visiting with family and friends. • Media room. Watch a movie or listen to music while sitting in your bubble chair. Add an ottoman for added comfort. • Landing. If there’s a landing at the top of your stairs, consider placing the bubble chair there. It will provide a small get away where you can enjoy a quick nap, music or a good book. Add a plant or two and the space will look great! • Balcony. The balcony is an ideal spot for your bubble chair! You’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors, while have protection from the sun. If there’s a good view from your balcony, you may find it to be your favorite spot to sit and relax. So where’s your ideal spot for a hanging bubble chair? Whether you choose an indoor or an outdoor area, you’re sure to have endless hours of comfort and relaxation.