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10 Cushion Options For Your Hanging Bubble Chair

In 1968, world renown designer, Eero Aarnio created the ever popular hanging bubble chair ! Designed to be used indoors or outdoors, the chair has a spacious interior and is very comfortable. Because it purposely has a clear fiberglass or acrylic bubble , much attention is drawn to the cushions. Want to make a statement? Choose cushions that reflect your style and taste. Just to help you get started, here are some ideas.

• Leather. For a home office, leather cushions are a great choice for your bubble chair . Leather gives a professional look, while having a comfortable feel.
• Solid fabric. If your bubble chair is in a room that already has a lot of patterns, opt for a solid fabric. Go with a basic white or choose a color that complements what’s in the room. You can still accessorize with pillows that either match the cushions or picks up one other color from the room. • Themed fabric. For a child’s bedroom or play area, use a themed fabric for your cushions. Although you can go with something current, such as Dora or Blue Clues, you might want to choose a theme that has been popular for years, such as circus animals or ABCs. • Velour. Velour has such a soft cozy feel to it. If your bubble chair is in a great room or bar area, velour would be a nice option. • Holidays. Do you enjoy decorating for Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas? Customize your cushions with a holiday fabric. If possible, accessorize other parts of the room using the same fabric to pull the look of the room together. • Terry cloth. If your bubble chair is in the bathroom, make terry cloth cushion covers. Add a couple of terry cloths pillows to the chair as well. Terry cloth will give the room a casual appearance. • Wool. For ultra comfort and relaxation, opt for wool cushions. You’ll want to read a good book, take a nap or listen to music , if your cushions are covered in wool. • Vinyl. Vinyl is a great option if your bubble chair is near the hot tub or pool. You won’t need to be concern if the cushions get wet or if something gets spilled on them. • Lace. Want to add a romantic element to your bedroom? Place your bubble chair in the bedroom and use lace covered cushions. Add a couple of heart shaped pillows.

• Sheets. A teen might enjoy cushions made out of sheets for his or her bubble chair. Choose flannel or regular sheets and a fun pattern. You can also make simple matching curtains and throw pillows.

The beauty of customizing your cushions, is that you can change the look at any time. The fabric that you’ll be using the most should be what you picked out when purchasing your chair. When you want to give your cushions a different look, place your cushion upside down on a piece of fabric, wrap it and secure it with Velcro. No need to sew!