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Ten Awesome Postcards by Curt Teich

Greetings From Chicago Illinois. 1942. #2B-H327. The main attraction is the word “Chicago” in large bubbly letters in the center of the post card. A specific landmark is drawn inside each letter. The first “C” features the Buckingham Fountain. The “H” shows from left to right, 333 North Michigan, the Carbide & Carbon Building, the London Guarantee Building, and the Mather Tower. The “I” has the Chicago Board of Trade Building. The second “C” showcases the statue of Abraham Lincoln in front of Lincoln Park. The “A” contains the Civic Opera House. The “G” includes the Wrigley Building and the Tribune Tower. Finally, the “O” displays the Navy Pier Auditorium overlooking Lake Michigan. A rainbow runs diagonally behind the “Chicago” lettering. The backdrop is dark blue.

Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, New York City. 1933. #3A-H1289. Here is a finely detailed image overlooking daily activity in the heart of New York City. On the street below, there are throngs of people walking down the streets and sidewalks, as well as vintage vehicles driving down the road. Noticeable buildings include the New York Public Library in the foreground. The Empire State Building can be seen in the background.

Step-in-High Pin-up Girl. 1942. #2B-H1425. This postcard features a cartoon-like blonde bombshell dressed in pink lingerie, thigh high stockings, and high heels holding a yellow piece of clothing. The background indicates that the woman is in a room with light blue wallpaper covered in crimson red flowers, with a colorful orange and pink striped baseboard. The caption “Step-in-High!” is written in the lower left hand corner of the card.

Greetings From U.S. 66, America’s Main Street, Scenic Missouri. 1945. #5B-315-N. Displayed prominently, the lettering for “U.S. 66” is drawn showcasing a collage of landmarks, buildings, and scenery that represent various attractions running down Route 66 in Missouri. The lovely background captures a country road with a small, white fence running alongside the path. Trees, shrubs, woods, and a bright blue partly cloudy sky complete the image.

Texas Cowboy Riding a Jackrabbit. 1943. #3B-H6. The humor in this postcard is made apparent with a young cowboy sitting atop a very large jackrabbit in the foreground. The jackrabbit is wearing a red harness and a saddle as if it is an actual horse. The background features a typical desert scene with cattle scattered about, and various cacti plants, along with a partly cloudy skyline.

“So There’s Nothing Down Here To Write Home About.” 1955. #5C-H25. This is a comically drawn image of a beach scene. The main focus is a middle-aged wife holding a suitcase. She is bent over, scolding her husband who is seated on a beach blanket next to an attractive blonde bombshell in a bikini. The caption at the top reads, “So there is nothing down here to write home about, eh?” which indicates that the couple went on a vacation that the husband eventually found boring, until he met the attractive woman at the beach who he decided to chat up, much to his wife’s chagrin.

The Statue of Liberty. 1936. #6A-H2561. This is an aerial image of Bedloe’s Island, which features the Statue of Liberty along with the other attractions that surround the statue. Some of the buildings have since been removed long after Teich created this postcard.

A Lake in Front and a Creek in the Back. 1935. #5A-H1536. This summer scene features several people enjoying the sun on a small beach near a lake. At the forefront is a woman in a purple strapless bikini top with black and purple polka dot shorts with her left arm akimbo and her right arm behind her head. She is standing on a picnic table. Another attractive woman is shown smiling below her. Behind the two women is a man wearing a yellow outfit with an orange, black and yellow tie. He is holding a hat in one hand and smiling with his other hand touching his chin. Several other people are in the background, including a man riding in a canoe. A yellow house with a Mexican style red roof is in the background towards the right.

“Surprised To Hear From Me?” 1946. #6B-H1155. A Curt Teich created postcard featuring a black man and a black woman. The man arrives at the woman’s door to take her on a date, as evidenced by the flowers and present that he is carrying. He is wearing a yellow and red plaid coat, orange trousers, and a yellow hat. The woman is at the door nude but holding a yellow towel in front of her and wearing curlers in her hair. The caption reads “Surprised to hear” on the left and “From me?” on the right.

Anticipation. Date Unknown. C-269. An artsy and detailed portrait of an attractive blond woman posing on a beach. She is wearing a dark blue one-piece swimsuit, accompanied with a silver and yellow cape draped around her shoulders. There is a green and white umbrella towards the right peeking from a lower ground level and a blue sky with a swirling cloud in the central background to complete the image. The words “anticipation” are written in small print at the bottom center of the postcard.