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Ten Awesome Creations by Milo Baughman

The 951-103 Thayer Coggin Arm Chair. This chair has a double layer of leather cushioning. One layer serves as a foundation for the second layer: two plush leather cushions that make up the back and the seat. The arms, legs, and stretchers are made of chrome and brushed smoothly for a nickel finish. Completing the appearance of this chair is a pair of manchettes wrapped around the arm rests. Colors that manufacturers have produced include black, red, and mahogany.

The 820-400 Thayer Coggin Chaise. The overall appearance of this piece of furniture recalls the Modernist movement of the Mid-20th Century. The design is very functional. The resting area is a simple, rectangular, leather cushion that is 77 inches or almost 6 ½ feet in length. It bends in the center at an obtuse angle. A small, leather pillow is often attached to the headrest. The two trapezoid-shaped bases of the chaise are made of steel and include two legs and a stretcher on each side. Popular colors that have been on the market include red, black, and white.

The 989-103 Lounge Chair. The design for this chair emphasizes the importance of lines, squares, and 90-degree angles. The steel constructed upholstery consists of three legs: two at the front of the chair and one in the middle that supports the back. There are also two U-shaped fixtures, a base and a top, that support the legs. The top fixture also holds together the box-like cushion foundation, which contains two plush cushions that comprise of the back and the seat. Cushions come in tweed and leather.

The Prisma Shelving Unit. Here is an innovative method for organizing one’s belongings. This unique shelf design is triangular in an abundance of ways. The main shape is an orange inverted pyramid that contains three rows with a yellow support splitting the top two rows. At the top of the inverted pyramid sits a single pink triangle while four small, black spheres rest on each corner. The middle and bottom row of the orange inverted pyramid form half of another inverted pyramid that is pink in color. At an acute angle where the inverted triangles connect are two green circular designs. At the bottom of the shelf rest two yellow erect triangles on a black rectangular base. Holding the base up are four light blue circular feet.

The Recliner 74. The way in which this recliner is designed brings forth the Modernist Movement with its simplicity in function and appearance. There are two leather cushions that serve as the back and the seat of the chair. The back leather cushion is slim and rectangular in appearance while the seat cushion is thick and square. The wooden foundation includes the arms, legs, as well as a thick stretcher that holds the seat and the back. A leg rest can be pushed out as the back is pushed back for reclining.

The Tub Chair. Due to its round appearance, this little chair is shaped with a bathtub in mind. It has a spherical frame with the top consisting of the back and arms of the chair. The bottom contains a cushion that serves as a seat. Textures come in velvet, linen, cotton, and polyester among other fabrics. This chair can be put on legs, or a fixture for rotation.

The Rosewood Sofa. This sofa contains three back and seat cushions, each in a row for a total of six cushions. Two more cushions that cover the sides of the couch serve as armrests. All of these cushions are held and protected by a wooden box-like outer design. Legs for the bottom of the sofa are optional, as it is possible to include the sofa in a home flat on the ground without leg support.

The Drum Table. This cylindrical table comes in three different sizes from tall and narrow, to short and wide, to something in between. The tables can be wooden, bronze, or silver in appearance. These tables can serve a variety of purposes from coffee table, to night table, to a place to hold statues, pottery, or glassware.

The Milo Baughman Coffee Table. Baughman designed this coffee table with an eye for the stylish. Unlike many other coffee tables, the surface is not entirely comprised of one flat, glass cover. The surface is divided into six distinct pieces for optimal functionality. One side contains small rectangular compartments for storing materials. The middle section has two large compartments that serve the same storage purposes, and the other side’s compartments are a size in between the large and small compartments. The legs are shaped like an upside down “V” and have small circular feet to protect the table from scratching floors.

The Drexel Desk. Here is a piece of office furniture designed with a surreal appearance, but also contains a variety of parts that allow for optimal convenience. The top of this desk contains a trapezoidal storage space attached to a flat black surface meant as a working space. Beneath this working area are two desk drawers. The left drawer has only one storage compartment, while the right drawer has two. The drawers are each held up by two legs. The legs that are attached under the left drawer are placed under the middle of each desk instead of the outer corners of the desk. The desk has been constructed using primavera wood.