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Decorating your LEM stool

There’s a reason why you want this chair – it’s likely to be the same reason that won it the title of “Product of the Year” at the International Interior Design Awards in 2000. The LEM stool has uncluttered clean lines and is always eye-catching in any environment. Making use of that eye-catching design is probably the most important aspect in decorating the area where you intend using it.

  • A modern home bar is the focal point of a room and will add that extra something to your living space. It will add interest and functionality to your basement, den, family room or a corner of your living room.
  • Decide how you want to use your home bar. If it is just a place to mix drinks before serving them to guests seated in another part of the room, the LEM Stools will not be the main practical item. Set them in pairs on either side of the bar counter and they draw attention to the bar but still allow easy access to the counter for mixing drinks.
  • Matched with a modern bar counter that complement these stool’s unique design, the result is an eye-catching conversation piece everyone will want to gather around. Set the chairs at an angle to the bar front and you’ll see how your guests are drawn in to touch and explore them.
  • Use your walls. Try strong and bright colors on your walls – a shocking red or light yellow is a perfect contrast for the black and chrome finish of the furniture and will make the home bar stand out.
  • Change the adjustable height of the stools to match the height of a kitchen counter, island or gathering table to improve the room’s appearance in addition to enhancing your lifestyle. Well placed bar stools will add depth and focus, converting a serving area into a focal point that draws the eye into the space in a pleasing way.
  • If you do not have a kitchen island or a breakfast bar, but you have a dining room, practical way to increase the versatility and functionality of your living space is to turn an unused corner of your kitchen into handy eating area or a place to gather with family and friends. Choose a counter-height table in a style and color to match those of the LEM stools. Space is hard to come by in apartments and or smaller homes – having an extra eating area is always useful for holiday celebrations or any occasion when guest numbers are higher than normal.

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