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Are you in the market for a comfortable and stylish chair? Are you here because you want to know more about the iconic egg chair? If your answer is ‘YES’, you are in the right place. Egg chairs are known for being comfortable and classy, and they come in a variety designs. So, if you’re looking for a new chair to match that space of yours, an egg chair may be the perfect choice. In the post, we would be sharing 6 reasons why the egg chair is the best chair and perfect pick for you. Grab some popcorn and keep reading.

  “Egg Chairs are known for being comfortable and classy, and they come in a variety designs”.

The brain behind the egg chair.

Arne Jacobsen [1902 – 1971] was a Danish architect and furniture designer. He is internationally known for his contributions to architecture and furniture design, especially in the mid-20th century modernist style. He designed many other pieces of furniture including the Ant Chair and The Swan Chair. Arne Jacobsen won the Carlsberg Foundation’s special prize in 1957, which enabled him to spend some time experimenting with principles of high-quality cutting-edge design. It is from this period he conceived his most famous chair [the egg chair] from a simple drawing made on an envelope. And that drawing has birthed one of the greatest chairs ever made.

arne jacobsen

Let’s talk about this masterpiece chair called the ‘Egg Chair’.

Its defining characteristic comes in the form of sides that curve upwards. But, that’s just the least obvious detail. A lot of contemporary chairs have rotating, swiveling, and tilting functions, which are amazing features. Similarly, egg chairs have stable platforms with hydraulic levers for controlling height. They look like typical office chairs and can fill that role quite nicely. Their back support is exceptional, enabling you to relax while working. The base of the chair is a flat stand for stability and a swivel for a 360 scope of vision. Arne’s egg chair as a whole creates a visual sensation that reaches out and draws you into comfort and relief. The Egg Chair was inspired by an earlier piece of furniture also created by Arne, the Swan chair. Legend says that he actually threw this prototype on the floor one day and it bounced back up at him! Amazing, right? That should tell you how much sturdiness the egg chair packs. The Egg Chair was officially launched at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Exhibition in 1958 where it became a huge success. And till today, it’s still very much sought after.

“Egg chairs help maintain an ergonomic-friendly seating position, with unbeatable comfort”.

Let’s discuss color and upholstery options of the egg chair

There are various types of upholstery materials that could be used to style the egg chair. I checked online for different pictures of the egg chair, and typically, egg chairs are available in a variety of upholstery materials. The most common choices tend to be leatherette or microfiber. Other options are also available. You would also find the egg chair wrapped in velvet, Cow Hide, linen and cashmere. The options available now at the STORE are; leatherette and cashmere. And we think these 2 are the best for the egg chair. No matter your preference or color theme of your space, there is a piece for you. We have in stock a number of appealing colors for you to choose from. Available colors are; Red, White, Orange, Black and Premium Custom Colors.

Pause for a minute… You have learnt about the amazing egg chair. If you are not yet certain why you should get one, we have kept the main gist for last. Here are the 4 untold reasons why you should get the egg chair NOW!

Egg chairs are ergonomically manufactured, with your comfort in mind.

Egg chairs help maintain an ergonomic-friendly seating position, with unbeatable comfort. The egg shape embraces the body, promoting good sitting posture and reducing stress at the lower back, shoulder and neck. Unlike some large, leather chairs, egg chairs take up very little space so they fit comfortably in a variety of spaces. Egg chairs make a wonderful addition to any home, outdoor or office space. Yes, egg chairs are great for your back and good overall health. The ergonomic sitting position is ideal for promoting healthy posture while reducing stress on the muscles and joints throughout the body. Comfort is the main benefit and the main selling point of an egg chair. It has high sides and properly cushioned seat for prolonged sitting. Some similar designs such as Ball Chair are spheres that encapsulate the occupant. Indeed, the egg chair is the perfect furniture to curl up in, lounge, read, and muse. The cocooning embrace puts you at ease and soothes your body. If you want nothing less of an elitist level of comfort, opt for chairs with highest-density padding and premium, heavy-duty material.  Go for the egg chair.

Egg chairs are eye-catching and they ooze style.

Egg chairs have a unique optical flair around them. Their unique, cocoon-like shape was born from a mid-century experience and supreme vision of its creator [Arne Jacobsen]. Namely, they have that quirky, physical appeal, which made them a classic. Original Jacobsen style features sleek, minimalist contours that emanate effortless chic. They serve as true attention-arresting centerpieces. And our egg chairs at Regency Shop are amazing recreations of this masterpiece furniture. You definitely would not miss the original that much, if you shop from us. All in all, there is a wide array of gorgeous finishes to consider. You can make your style statement regardless of your taste. And we have a number of options for you to choose from. If you’re looking for a chair that is both comfortable and stylish, the egg chair is the perfect choice.

Egg chairs comes in multiple options for you to pick from.

Egg chairs come in all designs, colors, and sizes. They can adorn both outdoor and indoor [home and office] spaces. This is also to say they can match many types of décor and room layout. To make this magic happen, however, you need to choose a color that complements the rest of the interior room or space where you would want it fit into.

Egg chairs are strong and durable.

Egg chairs tend to be both light but very strong. Earlier models were foam-based because wood or steel could not produce that distinct curvy shape desired. When it comes to recent pieces, they are framed with materials such as fiberglass, steel, plastic, and aluminum. Generally, the furnishing contains layers of polyester or leather.  Egg chairs built for outdoor use are upholstered in waterproof materials [leatherette and cashmere] and have rust-resistant metal components.  You don’t have to worry about harsh weather elements doing some damage on your chair. Most models have considerable load capacity. Their heavy-duty frames provide superior stability and accommodate kids and adults. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and functional, many egg chairs are also very durable. If you’re looking for a chair that will last, an egg chair is the perfect choice for you.

Egg chairs are versatile.

The appeal also lies in its high versatility. We have talked about this earlier. But we want you give you more details on how and where you can use your egg chair. These chairs are suited to fit all kinds of living or working environments. Egg chairs are known for being visually pleasing as well as comfortable. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your style. Many people place their egg chairs in living rooms or bedrooms. However, they are mostly used in dorm rooms and studio apartments. For example, if you own a small apartment that needs some extra seating, an egg chair may be the perfect choice. Many people get one to use it as a desk chair, and they make the perfect seat for doing your homework or working at a laptop. Also, because egg chairs tend to lean back more than other types of chairs, they can provide you with a place to cool off once you’re done with work. Egg chairs are particularly suited for smaller rooms, living areas or dens; they can also work well in bedrooms as additional seating.  If the room has a limited amount of space, it is best to buy a smaller egg chair. They are incredibly versatile and can be made use of in the home, patio, office terrace, outdoors, on the boat, etc. they could also be matched with a coffee table, or an ottoman [for extra comfort].

Egg chairs are easy to clean and maintain.

The Egg Chair is made of foam over a metal frame. So, make sure that you simply take care not to scratch or puncture its upholstery material, and avoid using it in a very dusty environment or next to a fireplace. The Egg Chair has adjustable [4-spoke] feet which provide stability. We would also advise you not use your egg chair near any equipment, such as a lawn mower, which could cause punctures or tears. If the Egg chair is too dusty (e.g., in an area where dead leaves or debris accumulate), you can clean it with a vacuum; then make sure that particles of dirt do not scratch the upholstery. You can clean the exterior yourself with with warm water and mild soap (dish-washing liquid soap), using a sponge or soft brush to scrub both sides. You should rinse using clean water, and remove excess water by blotting with paper towels. Ensure that no residue of water remains before allowing the chair to dry completely. We do not recommend using chemical cleaning agents on any part of this chair because they might harm the upholstery. Eggs chairs are not advised to be used in harsh conditions (next to pools) where corrosion is an important issue; they can be moved elsewhere (indoors) when not in use. However, even if the Egg chair is brought into a climate-controlled environment, it will remain on outdoor feet, which will contribute to its corrosion. If the feet become corroded, we recommend having them replaced. Read more here!

We have one of the best, if not the best and most affordable recreations around. If you’re in need for a chair that will help your back to feel better during long hours at work or just want something comfy to relax on after a long day, this is it! Our egg chair will make an excellent purchase and we can’t wait to hear from you about how much you love it as well! Get yours today by clicking here now.

You may also be curious about these:

How much is an egg chair?

The price of an Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen will depend on the condition, year of release and other factors. In general, these chairs for sale run between $1000 to $4000+.

How to build an egg chair?

The first thing you should do is make sure that the chair will fit in your room. You can do this by measuring from wall to wall and adding two inches for each side of a person sitting down on it (so if there are three people, add four inches). The next step would be deciding where you want your new furniture piece to go. The egg chair is a great option for reading corners, home offices, or conversation areas. If you have a small room and are looking for ways to make it feel bigger, an egg chair may not be the best choice. Once you’ve decided on a location, it’s time to choose your fabric! An egg chair is perfect for any home, but you may want to consider how much use it will get before buying one. If your space only gets occasional visits from friends or family members then a cheaper option might work just fine; however, if you are planning on having regular gatherings with more than two people at once then investing in something more durable might be worth the extra money.

 Where can I buy an egg chair?

Egg chairs by Arne Jacobsen are normally not sold in stores; however, you can search online for egg chair manufacturers and egg chair retailers. Original pieces are quite rare. But you could also come across great recreations, like the one we have on sale at

How to clean an egg chair cushion?

If your egg chair cushion cover is removable, you can machine wash them (separately) using gentle cycle. For the egg chair pad filling, you might try putting them in the dryer with a tennis shoe or clean, unused sneaker to fluff.

How to make a fiberglass egg chair?

There are several egg chair kits available, which you can purchase online. Since egg chairs are rare objects of furniture, the egg chair kits are probably cheaper than the egg chairs themselves. In addition, egg chair upholstery is also available online.

How to reupholster an egg chair?

Decide whether you want to hand sew or machine sew egg chair upholstery. Hand sewing egg chair kits will take more time, but it’ll be more durable. If you decide to machine sew egg chair upholstery, then egg chair kits that have already been stitched together exist, and egg chair upholstery egg chair cushion egg chair frame egg chair arm will be ready for egg chair upholstering.

Is the egg chair comfortable?

Arne Jacobsen’s egg chairs are perfect for laying down in when you need to take a break. They’re also great chairs because they provide lumbar, shoulder and neck support.

Who designed the egg chair?

Arne Jacobsen created the egg chair and it was launched in 1958.

Where can I get egg chair cover kits?

 There are a few places you can get egg chair cover kits. One is from the company that makes the chairs themselves. They will likely have a few different options for cover materials, as well as installation instructions. If you’re not comfortable with installing the cover yourself, or if you just don’t want to, they will also offer installation services. Another place you can get egg chair cover kits is online. There are several different companies that sell these kits, so you should have no trouble finding one to fit your budget and needs.

 What is an egg chair?

 Similarly, egg chairs have stable platforms with hydraulic levers for controlling height. They look like typical office chairs and can fill that role quite nicely. Their back support is exceptional, enabling you to relax while working. The base of the chair is a flat stand for stability and a swivel for a 360 scope of vision. Arne’s egg chair as a whole creates a visual sensation that reaches out and draws you into comfort and relief. The Egg Chair was inspired by an earlier piece of furniture also created by Arne, the Swan chair.

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