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Egg Chair – Arne Jacobsen


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Designed in 1956, Arne Jacobsen’s piece was commonly known as the Egg Chair – although many similar copies carried the same name. This iconic piece is considered an envelope pusher for designs of the day. Not only was it the first groundbreaking example of furniture with an inner molded core, it came from a designer with such forward thinking ideals that he was bounds ahead of even ‘pioneer’ status. From the original design of the initial Egg Chair, Jacobsen chose to decadently cover his art initially in leather, and then later progressed to other classic materials. Keeping in mind that the late 50’s were a time of vinyl, plastics, PVC and hyper-geometric images, the Arne Jacobsen Chair’s undulating diversions create a glorious visual dance even to the untrained eye. Today, collectors of examples of the master-class of furniture makers can look forward to spending upwards of $20,000.00 for an original in good condition. The Arne Jacobsen chair is available in white, red, black, black leatherette and orange leatherette. Inspired by the works of Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen is considered one of the most influential furniture designers of the last century. His Egg Chair , designed in 1956 is perhaps the single-most recognizable icon of 20th century interior design. True to the original, this quality reproductions is better than others. The Egg chair is one of Arne Jacobsen’s results from his commission for the Royal in Copenhagen. The chair isn’t exactly so, using elements such as a large frame and cushions; it could also be classified as a couch. It was one of the first to incorporate a strong firm inner but yet still comfortable shell with a layer or upholstery. Though, the material for the outer layer was soon changed to varying fabric due to the flaw that with upholstery, there’d be quite an obvious seam down the middle. One of the first things one draws from the egg chair is that well, it’s a bit like an eggshell. With a design that’s focused on flow and curves, it appeals to the senses a bit more than the standard chair. The sides of the base and top are curved far and inwards, blocking the peripherals which give a slightly higher privacy than the regular. The base of the chair is a flat stand for stability and a swivel for a 360 scope of vision. Arne’s egg chair as a whole creates a visual sensation that reaches out and draws you into comfort and relief. Arne Jacobsen’s Egg is unique, and although the mixture of the chair and couch produces a wonderful product; it also render’s it not as accessible to make. Another one of the flaws of the Arne egg chair is the odd amount of material needed for manufacture. It’s not a huge flaw to hinder its popularity however, along with the fact that the designer had a wish of exclusivity caused a scarcity in the egg chair by Arne Jacobsen. This causes the general price to be way above that of usual chair. This is where Arne Jacobsen egg chair reproductions come into play. With a mere lower quality of the material and slight general tweaks, This Arne Jacobsen egg chair is literally for sale.


* Cashmere or LeatheretteBenefits:
* Modern iconic masterpiece that successfully blends art and science
* Choice of Cashmere or Leatherette
* Stable and reliable design
* Strong 4-spoke Steel base
* Meets architectural specifications of the original designAvailable Colors:
* Red
* White
* Orange
* Black
* Premium Custom Colors (see chart below)

Why this item:
* Luxurious Cashmere or Leatherette Upholstery NOT cheap fabric
* Molded Fiberglass for perfect shape
* Beautiful 4-star base like the original design
* RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Red, Orange Leatherette, Peach Pink, Black Leatherette, Green Apple Leatherette, Premium Custom Color (+$199.00)


None, Add Ottoman (+$199.00)


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