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6 most popular Types of barstools

Over the years we have a seen a change in the type of furniture being used both inside and outside of the house. Today more people are choosing to use barstools in the kitchen rather than large pieces of furniture that take up a great deal of space. Even the barstool itself has changed over time and they are no longer just a small wooden stool. Bar stools can range from small to quite large and elegant.

  • The basic stool: the basic bar stool is most commonly made out of wood and it consists of a round seat that is then placed atop some sort of stand. The stand may be adjustable or it may be fixed in height. These bar stools are usually relatively cheap to buy. This is also known as the artist stool.
  • Kitchen Stools: A slight variation of the basic stool, kitchen bar stools often come with a backrest and maybe some cushions for added comfort. The stool may swivel or may be fixed.
  • Swivel Stools: These bar stools can be made for both indoor and outdoor used. The top or seat of the stool moves on the stand. There are stools that will swivel one hundred and eight degrees while others will swivel in a complete circle.
  • Modern Swivel: The modern version of the swivel stool is made for comfort and elegance. In most cases the stool itself is created to look different from any ordinary stool and often has a professional appearance.
  • Folding stools: These stools are made primarily of a lightweight material and are great when space is limited. If you want to move your bar stool around the house or even outside then the folding stool is the best option for you. They are also a great idea when looking for a seating style that you can take anywhere.
  • Wooden stools: Most barstools are made from wood. They can be either fixed or swivel style of stools. They can be made from a wide variety of wood types and are the most environmentally friendly type of bar stool on the market today.
  • Softwood bar stools: The most common type of softwood that is used to create barstools is pine. Bar stools made of this material are often cheaper than other stools. An important thing to remember is that with the lower price come a lower quality barstool and they often break easier.
  • Hardwood bar stools: These are usually made of cherry or oak. The price is often higher as the quality of product is always better. Other hardwood bar stools include mahogany and rosewood which are the most expensive woods that can be used.
  • Patio bar stools : These bar stools have been specifically designed to be used outside and are made to withstand the elements. Most outdoor bar stools are made of a water resistant material such as plastic. They made also be made of wood and are covered with a protective coating.

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