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10 tips for choosing color of your furniture

One of the most important facets of home décor is choosing the right color of furniture for your room. The right color can make our living space a haven of peace and beauty while the wrong color may totally ruin any effect you had in mind. So, what are the things that you need to keep in mind when choosing? Here are some examples.

1. Consider your walls: if you have bright red walls, a sepia or naked wood tone to your furniture may not work very well. So choose a color that goes with your walls. A red room may do better with black or wrought iron colors. 

2. Consider natural light: one of the major factors in choosing the color of your furniture should be the amount of natural light the room gets. While sunny, airy rooms can afford darker heavier colors, the same might be oppressive in a darker room. There, it is better to choose lighter, more bright colors.

3. Consider lighting: after all it wont be day all the time! So consider the kind of lighting that is installed in the room. A room that’s bright by day but has inadequate lighting in the evening hours is better off with light colored furniture.

4. Consider your décor: if your room has a baroque, heavy style of décor, light colored furniture would be totally out of place. Choose your pieces to go with each other and with the general tone of the room.

5. Consider the dimensions: the size of the room is important too. While heavy black or dark wood finish may be good in a large space, it will make a smaller room feel closed in and cluttered. For smaller spaces choose lighter colors and pieces.

6. Consider your purpose: are you choosing for your own bedroom? The kids’ room? Or the garden? The color choices will vary in each case.

7. Consider the usage: although light colors may set the right tone for your room, heavy usage will require much higher maintenance. It is better to choose darker colors if you need high use low maintenance furniture.

8. Consider the furnishings: is the room done up in pink curtains? Large floral prints? Geometrics? Your new piece will need to fit in properly with these.

9. Consider pre-existing furniture: if you are buying just one piece, it is better to co-ordinate it with the pieces which are already in the room, rather than pick something outlandish.

10. And last, but definitely not the least, Consider your tastes: the most important factor in choosing the color of furniture of your room, needs to be your personal choice. Make sure you LIKE what your buy. You have to live with it.