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6 main reasons to buy wicker bar stools

Wicker is very fashionable for use in furniture for inside and outside the home. In bar stools, this material serves a very practical purpose, especially if you are looking for stools that you can use on the patio. It enhances the interior décor of your home as well by adding a casual ambiance to the kitchen when you have bar stools at the counter or for the bar in your rec room. The following properties of wicker will show you why you should consider buying this material when you want to buy bar stools.

  • Strength. Wicker is a very strong material that is able to hold a lot of weight. Therefore, it will not break under the weight of a large adult. When the wicker has been treated with resin, this adds another measure to the strength of the material making the bar stools you purchase ones that will last for a long time to come.
  • Use in outdoor settings. Wicker is the very best material to consider when you want bar stools that you can use outside. It can withstand the harsh elements of the weather and you don’t have to worry about making sure you move the stools inside when there is bad weather in the forecast. After a rain, the stools dry off quickly and a simple rub with a dry cloth will allow you to sit on them without getting soaked. In windy weather, the stools may tip over, but the strength of the material will prevent them from becoming damaged.
  • Variety of colors available. Although one thinks white when wicker is mentioned, you can get a variety of colors in this type of bar stool. Even if you do choose white wicker, you know that it will match any décor. Wicker can be painted or stained in any color you want.
  • Cost. At first glance you may think that wicker bar stools are more expensive that others made from different materials. However, when you look at the durability of the material, you will see that wicker will stand up to any challenges and will outlast the other varieties of bar stools on the market.
  • Ease of repair. There is no doubt that the wicker may become damaged over time. However, the cost of getting repairs is relatively inexpensive. You won’t have to discard the stool because all you will have to do is to have the wicker rethreaded or even replaced to have a perfectly good bar stool for your needs.
  • Comfortable. Comfort when sitting on a bar stool is an important consideration when making your purchase. Wicker is a very comfortable seating material and more flexible than wood or metal.

Wicker is a material that won’t look out of place wherever you plan to place and use the bar stools. It adds a touch of elegance, grace and charm to the setting and since it is a natural material, it will blend seamlessly into your outdoor living space.