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5 Questions to ask before buying a bar stool

People rarely rush out and buy the first sofa or bed that they see, so why do this when you buy a bar stool ? While the product may seem simple enough there is more to a bar stool than meets the eye. Purchasing without asking yourself some questions could result in being stuck with bar stools that are absolutely useless in your home and no one wants to waste their money on something they can’t use. Therefore there are five simple questions that you should ask yourself before you purchase a bar stool.

  • Price: While people tend to think of the price last, it should be the first thing that you ask yourself; how much do I want to spend? The amount of money that you are willing to put into the bar stool will determine what you are going to get. If you are on a strict budget then you are probably going to be limited to low end bar stools. This means that they will be made out a cheap material, such as aluminum. However, if you budget is high, you can branch out and look at wooden bar stools or stainless steel. A higher price means that you can buy bar stools with additional features.
  • Features: Who would have ever thought that a bar stool could come with features? In fact there are a number of features that you can look for when buying a bar stool. Most features are added for looks, but there are other that are essential for comfort. A comfortable bar stool should or must have a foot rest. There is nothing worse than sitting in a bar stool for a long period of time and having your feet dangle. Your legs quickly become sore and uncomfortable. The bar stool should have the added feature of a back rest. Not all bar stools come with backrests that are high and able to support a great deal of weight. The most durable stools with backrests are those made of wood. Again, this may affect your budget.
  • Value: Am I getting the best value for my money? A person should never purchase a bar stool without shopping around and comparing prices and features. You have to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. You can spend a great deal of money on a bar stool only to find that it falls apart the second that you sit on it. But, there are cases where you can buy a cheap stool that will last forever. Always try to test a bar stool if possible and never buy more than one if you are unsure of the value and quality of the product that you are purchasing.
  • Fabric/Material: What fabric should I purchase on an upholstered bar stool ? Since there are hundreds of different styles of bar stools on the market today, knowing what fabric if any that you will want on your bar stool can make the buying process a whole lot easier. This goes for the material that you want the chair to be made of. If you are undecided then you could spend endless hours looking at bar stools only to end up with nothing or even worse something that you don’t want.  
  • Height: How high should the bar stools be? Anyone who has purchased bar stools before will tell you that you need to know the height of the bar stool needed. This means that you also need to know the height of the counter or table where the bar stools will sit. If you do not measure correctly, you could end up with a bar stool that is either too high or too low. Always measure twice and buy once.