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5 coffee tables that go really well with Barcelona chair

A breakfast room or sun room would benefit from having a Barcelona chair and a matching coffee table. This is one place where you can entertain close friends or relax by yourself while sipping your favorite cup of brewed coffee. However, lounging on your favorite Barcelona chair would make it more relaxing.

The choice of a coffee table to go with your Barcelona chair depends on the size of the room as well as the chair you will match it with. You should also consider the interiors of the room and the types of entertaining you usually do whether you usually have several people fro coffee or snacks or just a few intimate friends.

Here are five coffee tables that can go well with your Barcelona chair:

Barcelona Coffee Table

Nothing beats the original Barcelona coffee table from Knoll, the official license and trademark holder of the Barcelona chair. This coffee table from Knoll, which carries a certificate of authenticity, is an ideal match to your Barcelona chair although it can be an expensive piece. However the price you pay for this Barcelona coffee table is worth it knowing that it is a good conversational piece and fully functional as well. It follows the Barcelona chair design of seamless stainless steel. As such, the steel base of this coffee table will never rust.

Reproduction of the Barcelona Coffee Table

If the original Barcelona coffee table from Knoll is beyond your budget then an ideal option is the reproduction of the Mies van der Rohe Barcelona coffee table. The table itself is made from polished plate glass with a hand-buffed and hand-ground frame and beveled edge. You can choose from a variety of glass top thickness from 12mm to 19mm. It boasts of the X middle which is the trademark of the Barcelona series as well as a stainless steel structure.

Dessau Table

While it used to be known as the Desau table, it is now fondly called Barcelona Table. Unlike the original Barcelona coffee table though, the Dessau table has a chrome-plated steel base. This coffee table, which was first produced by Joseph Muller, was first found at the Tugendhat in Czechoslovakia but has since been moved to Berlin’s Bamberg Metallwerkstatten.

Eileen Gray Coffee Table

This coffee table is a good match to a single-piece Barcelona chair with ottoman. The stainless steel base is reminiscent of the original Barcelona coffee table which would justify its being paired with a Barcelona chair. This round coffee table is ideal for entertaining intimate friends.

Glass square coffee table

A square coffee table with a stainless steel base and a glass top will be a good match for a four-piece Barcelona leather chair with matching chaise foot support. The size of the coffee table is just enough even of the whole Barcelona lounge chair gets occupied by four or more people.

The choice of coffee tables to go with your Barcelona chair is endless and limited only by your budget as well as the size and type of Barcelona chair you have in the room.