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10 tips before you buy Barcelona Table

A Barcelona Table is a transcendent picture of clear beauty. The exquisite design of the Barcelona Table reflects the geometric and minimalist principals of modern architecture in its simplest form. Ludwig Mies van der Rohes masterful impression of modern architecture in the crisp, clear and elegant design of the Barcelona Table is also designed to capture the surrounding light and artistically render complementing shadows to further grace the Table’s design. This beautiful work of art functions as well in the home as it does the business office or waiting room. The Barcelona Table’s pure design, with perfectly proportioned lines that utilize light and dimension to contribute to its award-winning stature, is a captivating work of modern art that adds to the value of any modern home furniture collection and clearly adds beauty to any modern interior design in the home or office. Substituting a poor replica subtracts from the value of its elegance and stature.

When purchasing the beautiful Barcelona Table for your home interior design or office furnishings, examine your purchase for the following attributes to ensure your fine furniture purchase adheres to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s encompassing portrayal of modern architecture:

1) The clear glass tabletop on the Barcelona Table is 40” by 40” (101.6 cm by 101.6 cm) and should be ¾” (1.905cm) thick.

2) The edges of the glass tabletop should be close to 1/8″ wide (0.31cm).

3) The edges on the Barcelona tabletop are angled (beveled). The beveled edges are intrinsic to the design’s employment of light as a design tool. The angled edges bend the light to create the prismatic design that Mies van der Rohe intended.

4) The legs of the Barcelona Table should be made of stainless steel or chrome.

5) Whether the legs are made of stainless steel or chrome, it should be hand-buffed for a long-lasting mirror finish that further manipulates the use of light as a design element.

6) Stainless steel should ideally be a premium grade, such as a 202 bar stock. A premium grade such as the AISI classifications 201, 202, 205, or the 300 series that includes 304N, 304LN, 316N, or 316LN, contain nitrogen, which adds strength and durability.

7) The legs on the Barcelona Table are seamlessly welded to form a smooth singular element that contributes to the overall minimalist design.

8) The legs on the Barcelona Table are straight and flat, and do not have the tubular steel form that many other modern furniture masterpieces implement in their designs.

9) Both stainless steel and chrome versions have bumpers available in black or white.

10) The height from the base to the tabletop should be between 17 and 18.5 inches. This varies due to the type and size of steel or chrome that is used.

A Barcelona Table that adheres to these design elements will add the elegance of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s award-winning design to your modern home interior and upscale office furnishings. Clarity, purity, minimalism and functionality define the Barcelona Table, and your purchase of a quality Barcelona Table will cultivate its exquisite essence into your modern home furniture collection and into the surroundings of your everyday living.