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10 Views To Enjoy From Your Womb Chair

In the late 1940s, Eero Saarinen created the uniquely designed womb chair . What started out as a challenge to create a comfortable chair, has changed the world of modern design standards. Given its ultra level of comfort, it’s only fitting to place your womb chair where you can enjoy a great view. Not sure where you want to put your chair yet? Consider one of these ideas. • Window view. Does your window provide a breathtaking view of nature, or the city lights? Place your womb chair near the window so you can enjoy the view. Too often we only enjoy the window view when we’re walking by. • Fish tank view. It’s actually therapeutic to sit and watch fish! It lowers blood pressure and stress levels. Angle your chair to get a great view of your fish tank. If the tank has its own lighting, then use soft lighting for the room. You’ll find yourself watching the fish for several minutes at a time. • Water fountain view. Water has a calming effect as well. Place a couple of live plants next to an indoor water fountain and you’ll have a place for great relaxation! • Mirror maze view. Kids and teens will enjoy sitting in a mirror maze. With mirrors located in front and behind them, as they lean forward or backward in the womb chair, they will see themselves traveling through the mirrors.

• Indoor garden view. Do you have a sun room with lots of plants? Place your womb chair so its facing the plants. Live plants provide renewal.

• Fireplace view. A fireplace view is cozy and relaxing. It’s a great place to curl up and read a good book. As the fire crackles, you’ll be mesmerized by the flames.

• Digital picture frame view. If you don’t get to see family members and relatives very often because they live in different states, then a large digital picture frame may be the ideal view for you! Imagine relaxing in your womb chair and viewing a hundred or more photos of your loved ones? The frame can be updated anytime as well, so you’ll never grow tired of looking at the same pictures!

• Art sculpture view. Do you own an interesting piece of art? Perhaps a statue, metal wall art, or hand sculpted figures? Place your womb chair near the art so you can enjoy it. Use special lighting to enhance the art. • Large screen view. Do you chat with family and friends via the computer? Use your womb chair and a large screen–you’ll find yourself chatting for hours! And why not! • Bird cage view. If you own birds, place your womb chair facing the bird cage(s). You’ll be entertained by the birds and fascinated with some of their habits and tricks. You may even find the birds interacting with you more as well. We live in a fast paced world, and it’s important to take time to relax each day. Whether you kick back and relax for just ten minutes or have the luxury of relaxing for two or three hours, place your womb chair where you can enjoy a view that is soothing to you.