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10 accent pieces that go with the Barcelona chair

A Barcelona chair is a priceless commodity in itself and it can add up to the beauty of your interiors even if it is the only piece of furniture placed in a specific room. You can however add some accent pieces that can make your room more attractive.

The rule of thumb when looking for accent pieces to place in a room is that it should not clash with your Barcelona chair. The Barcelona chair may be a simple piece of furniture but the fact that it is a Barcelona chair makes it the center of attention in every room.

Here are some accent pieces you can use with your Barcelona chair without going overboard interior-design wise.

      1. Rugs

    Rugs are among the basic interior design items that anyone can use regardless of their budget. There are different types of rugs but make sure you choose a rug design that complements the color of your Barcelona chair.

      2. Lamps

    Lamps light up a room and it will also light up your day especially when it is properly matched with your Barcelona chair. You can opt for a floor, table or ceiling lamp but the design should also be contemporary to suit your Barcelona chair.

      3. Paintings

    A room with a Barcelona chair tucked in a corner with a beautiful painting in the background beckons to anyone who wants a few minutes of relaxation. A genuine painting by Picasso can be a good match to your Barcelona chair but if that’s too expensive for you then opt for the more affordable modern paintings.

      4. Ottoman

    Not all Barcelona chairs come with an ottoman but if your purpose is to have a special nook where you can take a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life then nothing beats sitting in your Barcelona chair while putting your feet up on a matching ottoman.

      5. Coffee table

    A Barcelona chair can serve plenty of purpose and one of them is for brief coffee breaks. A matching coffee table will make your coffee breaks more relaxing to the senses.

      6. Flowers

    Pretty flowers are always effective in creating a homely and cheerful atmosphere so match them with your Barcelona chair.

      7. Wooden or metal sculptures

    Create contrast in your living room by placing your Barcelona chair beside wooden or metal sculptures that depict the Aztecs or even some native tribe artifacts.

      8. Candles

    Scented or aromatic candles in big sizes placed on your tabletop can be a good accent piece for your Barcelona chair. Light up the candles when you have visitors or when using the chair to create a soothing atmosphere.

      9. Books

    Why not place some books beside your Barcelona chair? Take advantage of the comfort offered by the chair and catch up on your reading.

      10. Pillows

    Matching or contrasting throw pillows can create a certain aura when matched with your Barcelona chair. The size of the pillows will of course depend on the size of your Barcelona chair.

You need not spend much to get accent pieces for your Barcelona chair. What you need is a little cash on the side and lots of creativity to make your home or office comfortable.