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10 Tips To Consider While Purchasing An Eero Aarnio Ball Chair

The eero aarnio ball chair , also known as the globe chair, truly is an unconventional chair! In 1966, the ball chair made its debut at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne and became an instant hit. Here are some tips to consider while purchasing your eero aarnio ball chair .

• Determine where you want to place your ball chair . The chair offers privacy and relaxation. It would be a great chair to have in an office or in a tranquil room. Imagine taking a ten minute break and just being able to enjoy the comfort of the plush seating.

• Once you know which room you want to put your ball chair, choose a color. The ball chair comes in all sorts of colors for the cushions, including bright green, orange, blue or red. The exterior typically comes in white or black. • Are you looking to purchase a high-quality redesign or are you hoping to find a cheap repro? Keep in mind that anything less than a high-quality redesign will have very little resale value. • Shop around. It’s easy to purchase a ball chair on line, but you might prefer actually going to a store and choosing your ball chair. Regardless of where you purchase it, be sure to find out the total cost, such as tax, delivery fee, etc. • One thing to consider is whether you want to purchase new or used. Used ball chairs are on the market from time to time. Be sure to ask for a detailed description before purchasing a used chair. You don’t want to be disappointed by a small scratch, stain or a dent. • When purchasing a new ball chair, find out what the return policy is. Some places will only allow you to make an exchange, while other places will give you a full refund, no questions asked. • Do you enjoy being surrounded by music? Consider purchasing a ball chair with a built in sound system. Does your room have a great outside view? Place the chair where you can look outside your window as you listen to your favorite tunes. • For the ultimate relaxing chair, purchase a matching ottoman. The ottoman’s base is the same white or black as the outside of the chair and comes with a matching cushion. • The ball chair has been referred to as a “room within a room”. It easily swivels, thus providing you with additional privacy. With that in mind, you’ll want to have enough space so that you’re able to swivel. In other words, the chair works best in an open area, rather than near a wall. • Because the ball chair is modern with a retro flare, consider what other furniture you want to use in the room. Ideally, all the furniture should be contemporary in nature. Have fun choosing your eero aarnio ball chair! It will certainly be a conversational piece and a great investment. You’ll get years and years of satisfaction from it as well.