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10 Chairs for your artichoke lamp

Frasier Crane had a slick pad, every item carefully selected. The lamp by Corbu, a chair by Eames, and the couch an exact replica of the one Coco Chanel had in her Paris atelier. Artichoke lamp is elegant and stylish. And his father’s well worn, yellow-green recliner, held together with duct tape, stood centerpiece in his living room. Be warned – finishing off your room extends to the last piece of furniture.

1. Vernon Panton’s Cone Chair. This will impress those guests who know their architecture. Designed in the same year as the artichoke light, this completes the feel sought by designers and stylists of the era. The inverted teardrop shape mimics that of the Artichoke light.

2. Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair. Another era classic, the chair resembles a face-up palm – again drawing attention to the vertical space of the area. It extends volume to your room and adds focus to the light which remains the focal point of the room. 3. Heartbreaker Lounge Chair. A heart motif swiveller, this one is modern and fun. It is great for both living rooms and foyers.

4. The Question mark chair. Get eclectic. Get it in red. They were wondering about the light anyway.

5. Charles Rennie Mackintosh Hillhouse Chair. A visual delight and perfect for modern dining rooms, the vertical extensions extending to your ceiling draw attention to the highlight above eye level.

6. Kevin Rodel’s High Back. This is an exact copy of Mackintoshes’ original Ingram street chair – complete with horse hair fabric pattern. You may need to sell your horse at well over $2000 per chair though. Yeehaw, saddle up cowboy (or saddle down – whatever).

7. The Trinity contemporary leather lounge. With its teardrop design and spiked back, it points up at your marvel of lighting. It will also point the occupant straight at it, if they don’t pay enough homage to your modern vision.

8. Le Corbusier Leather Chaise Lounge. Mimicking the blade design of the light, this is the perfect accent piece of comfort. Beware – comfortable guests are difficult to get out.

9. The High Backed Brushed Aluminium Navy Chair. By adding height to the chair backs, your decorating area is elongated. Perfect for wide areas where wall space is dull.

10. The Emeco 111 Navy Chair. Made from 111 recycled plastic Coke bottles and 66 years of Emeco know-how, this is a conversation piece of note and certainly shows off your green side. No need to wonder what drinks to serve either.