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10 Reasons For Purchasing A Hanging Bubble Chair

So you’re thinking about purchasing a chair and you want something that’s different, fun and comfortable. The hanging bubble chair is an ideal option!!! The chair was designed in 1968 by the Finish designer Eero Aarnio. Aarnio turned the design world upside down with the bubble chair, egg chair and other unique pieces! That alone is a great reason for purchasing a bubble chair, but to convince you a little more, here are some other reasons…

  • Lots of fun. Whether it’s a swing, a porch glider, or a rocking chair, people enjoy swaying back and forth. Imagine sitting in a chair that not only lets you sway, but you can twirl in it as well. Unlike a swing where you have to balance your weight and hold onto the chains, the bubble chair lets you lean back and relax.
  • Chair with a view. Aarnio wanted the chair to be transparent so that light could enter in. The bubble is made of clear fiberglass or acrylic, which allows light in and lets the person easily see out the side or top of the chair.
  • Versatility. The bubble chair can be used indoors or outdoors–how cool is that!!! Because it’s weather resistant it can even be used near the pool or hot tub! Wouldn’t it be fun to sway in your chair and watch the stars above?
  • Conversational piece. When friends and family stop by your house, they will definitely want to try out the chair and will ask all sorts of questions. The chair will not go unnoticed!
  • Good investment. The bubble chair continues to grow in popularity, making it a worthwhile piece to invest in. Once in awhile you might come across a pre-owned chair, but for the most part buyers are not giving them up.
  • Chair options. Although the original bubble chair was purposely designed with a clear bubble, it now comes in with cool color choices, such as blue or pink. You also have the option of leather or fabric for the cushions.
  • Roomy interior. There’s plenty of room inside of the bubble chair. You can sit curled up, dangle a leg or use your laptop!
  • Exceptional quality. From the bubble, to the cushions, to the steel chrome, to the 6′ chain and hook, the chair is extremely well built and can easily hold the weight of an average adult.
  • Great accessory options. Because the bubble chair is so much fun, adding accessories adds even more fun. You can use funky pillows, a decorative lap throw, or for little kids, put glow in the dark stickers on the bubble!
  • Matching ottoman. For extra relaxation and comfort, you can purchase a matching ottoman made of steel chrome and whatever fabric you choose.

So how about it? Purchasing and owning a hanging bubble chair will prove to be interesting, fun, and super comfy!!! You’ll enjoy experimenting and finding the right location for the chair. During the warmer months it might become your favorite outdoor chair, and during the colder months you’ll enjoy it in front of the fireplace.

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