What goes with a chesterfield sofa?

Chesterfield sofas are a popular choice among people looking for a new living room and they do come in various shapes and styles, but the most traditional of Chesterfields will always be the Chesterfield sofas with leather upholstery.

Chesterfield Sofa: A Well-Paid Investment

Although some Chesterfield sofas may cost quite as much as some beds, it is important to consider that such a piece of furniture is not just something you buy to fill your living room; it’s an investment that will pay off nicely over time, as well as being built to last. Indeed, these couches can actually become real family heirlooms and stay with your family (and even go on and serve future generations) for years and decades to come. Therefore, the initial investment is worth it. Chesterfield sofas can be bought at a wide range of prices because there are so many varieties of Chesterfields on the market.

Chesterfield Sofa: The Details

Essentially, Chesterfield sofas have their name after the earl of Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope (1694-1773), who was an English statesman and leader in his time. These leather couches were originally created for that man’s London townhouse in 17th century England by artisans whose names have been lost to history. However, it wasn’t until 1890 when two men came up with the idea of these traditional Chesterfields more widely available to the public.

Chesterfield sofas remained popular among British nobility and their patrons, but they eventually became an essential part of stylish living rooms all around the world. Chesterfields may feature different details, but most fine Chesterfields have a slightly higher back with rolled arms that meet at a single center button on each arm, as well as some Chesterfields having more than just one button on each arm. Chesterfield sofas can also come in full leather or suede upholstery, although some Chesterfields can have both types of upholstery combined together on a single Chesterfield sofa.

A label is usually centered above the Chesterfield’s crease line on its seatback and sometimes a leather ‘shield’ is stitched nearby this Chesterfield sofa label. Chesterfields are always hand-crafted – usually with the finest full grain leathers and highest quality fabrics available, just as Chesterfields have been for centuries. Chesterfield sofas can also be customized to your specific needs, but this should only be done by a fine Chesterfield dealer/distributor who has an established reputation in the industry.

Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofa: The Style

The original style of Chesterfield sofas is obviously that traditional one mentioned above, but there are various other styles available today that are actually based on or at least inspired by that first design of Chesterfields from centuries ago. One popular variant is the corner Chesterfield sofa which takes advantage of unused floor space in large rooms where people like to spend time.

Chesterfield sofas are also popular among people who like owning something unique and stylish, as well as people looking for a couch that will last for many years without losing its initial appeal. Chesterfields are versatile couches which can be placed in your living room, family room, library or study. Chesterfield sofas blend really well with other pieces of furniture in these rooms – especially when Chesterfields are used in pairs or multiples (as they usually should be), allowing you to create different arrangements depending on the occasion and your preference. Chesterfields can also work well in formal settings such as meetings with potential business partners or even receptions after wedding ceremonies.

When decorated elegantly, Chesterfields can become excellent focal points wherever they are placed. Chesterfield sofas are also popular among decorators who want to establish a smart ambiance in their living spaces. Chesterfield leather sofas have unparalleled power to exude understated grace and elegance – the perfect balance between stylishness and functionality, which has become Chesterfields’ lasting hallmark over the centuries since they were first created. Chesterfields will never go out of style, but there are certain tricks to maintaining your Chesterfields if you want them to be part of your family’s furniture collection for years down the road. For example, you should not expose your Chesterfields to direct sunlight or moisture as that can ruin its appearance.

You should maintain it by wiping off any dirt or stains with a dry cloth, then use Chesterfield leather cleaner to wipe away more stubborn stains. Chesterfields also need monthly conditioning with a good-quality conditioner that repels dust, prevents cracking and is not oil based. You can even use a bit of saddle soap every now and then if you find it necessary to clean off any sweat or grime from your Chesterfields. This will keep your Chesterfields in pristine condition all year round – as long as you make maintaining them a regular part of your home’s maintenance process.

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