How to clean chesterfield sofa buttons?

A clean chesterfield sofa button is a clean chesterfield sofa button. Right? Wrong! If you want to clean your chesterfield while keeping it looking its best, it’s important to clean the buttons without damaging them and clean the metal frame around the buttons (called the casement) without scratching or scraping anything, but avoid damage like rust and corrosion.

The first step in cleaning your chesterfield’s buttons is to get familiar with their construction. Metal parts of each button are attached to fabric pieces that form different shapes such as dots, circles, squares, rectangles and triangles creating an aesthetically appealing pattern on the upholstery surface of your furniture . The metal rings holding these decorative fabric pieces together must be cleaned so they shine like new and clean any rust or corrosion off the metal with a mild liquid detergent and gentle scrubbing.

Chesterfield sofa

With an old, clean toothbrush: clean between each button hole and around all of the buttons' edges to remove dust and dirt that accumulates over time; clean around metal casement; clean under each button's decorative fabric piece (the dot or circle etc.)
Wipe neat liquid dish soap with a lint-free cloth like microfiber. Don't use a regular towel as it is rough and can scratch your furniture .
Rinse all soap residue from buttons using plain water only. Make sure no moisture remains on the surface. If wet, dry with clean, soft cloth.
With a clean cotton ball: clean around metal casement; clean under each button's decorative fabric piece (the dot or circle etc.) if it isn't clean from the toothbrush cleaning.
Get a clean, lint-free cloth and buff the surface of your chesterfield's buttons to get rid of any moisture . Don't use paper towels as they can leave behind tiny pieces that may get stuck in your chesterfield's buttons causing damage over time. If you get stubborn residue on the surface after drying with a clean cloth, take a clean dampened cloth and wipe gently until clean without leaving any water streaks. Allow to air dry .

About 10 years ago, I purchased a clean chesterfield sofa. The upholstery was clean and in good condition, but the buttons were dirty. To clean the metal casement around the buttons and clean the buttons without damage, I used what I had at home: some dish soap , clean water and an old toothbrush . When dry, my chesterfield looked as if it had new buttons. These days there are more options than ever to clean your chesterfield’s metal button casement and clean its buttons: Vodka or rubbing alcohol applied with a cotton ball is another safe and effective option. If you’re worried about using water on your chesterfield’s fabric, use plain vodka or rubbing alcohol instead of water; let the area dry naturally before doing anything else .

There are many ways to clean your chesterfield’s buttons because there are different kinds of upholstery around chesterfield buttons. If you have microfiber, clean it with a clean cotton ball and liquid dish soap . Canvas, clean it the same way but avoid getting liquid on its fastener (towards the front of the sofa, near the frame). Leather clean it with water only using a clean cloth or cotton ball. When in doubt about how to clean chesterfield buttons contact your furniture manufacturer or take your dirty button apart carefully to clean underneath each decorative fabric piece that forms each button hole. Don’t pull too hard when removing them because they can get caught on something and rip. If you clean your chesterfield’s buttons as soon as they get dirty, there will be minimal dirt under them and cleaning up will be easier .

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