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Furniture that was produced starting in the late 19th century continuing through today that is influenced by modernism is considered modern furniture. This furniture is very simple in design. Unlike furniture that was popular before it, modern furniture focuses on simplicity and geometry. This type of furniture is much lighter in weight then earlier furniture trends which were made of heavy wood. The main materials used in modern furniture today are molded plywood, steel and plastics.

There are many designers associated with this furniture style. Eileen Gray, Eero Aarnio and Charles and Ray Eames are a few of the most notable. Their pieces are sought after by movie stars and musicians alike.

The Eames lounge chair is a very popular item. The well known actor Adam Sandler owns an Eames lounge chair. This item has been seen is movies such as Click where Adam Sandlers character Michael Newman sits in this chair. It is also seen in the living room and workshop of Tony Starks in the movie Iron Man.

Another prominent Eames piece is the Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair. Light weight and easily moved makes this piece appealing to Hair stylist for the stars Rachel Zoe. Rachel displays this piece in the office of her Beverly Hills, California home.

The Eames Coconut chair is very popular for settings such as entertainment rooms. Paris Hilton uses these chairs in her game room at her home in the Hollywood Hills. Light weight and durable, these chairs hold much appeal for many of todays movie stars.

Eero Aarnio designed the Bubble chair in Finland in 1968. This chair is normally made of steel or acrylic and has leather or polyurethane fabric cushions. Distributed by Adelta, this space age chair is often used in movies to create the 1960’s atmosphere. It is seen is the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

The Ball chair was also designed by Eero Aarnio. This chair has a globe like shape and is considered an industrial design classic. In recent production this chair has been made larger and new features such as music and mp3 players have been added. The Ball chair can be seen in the movie Men In Black. The rocker Joe Trohman of Fallout Boy has a ball chair in his Chicago Townhouse.

B&B Italia Mart is a more recent modern furniture designer. This design company is best known for their state of the art designs and leather upholstery. B&B Italia Mart is extremely popular among the musicians of today. For instance, Rapper Kanye West owns a B&B Italia Mart armchair. Also, check out arne egg chair.

Modern Furniture is not just for adults. New designers Q Collection focus on furniture for children. Gweneth Paltrow owns a Q Collection Junior Solare Crib and Angelina Jolie owns a Q Collection Ceilo crib-ash moonlight. Following the trends of modern furniture these cribs are very light weight with a geometric design.

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