Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Chair Straps Replacement – Replace straps for your bar

Items you will need to replace the Barcelona Chair Straps

Rivet InstallerDrill Bit – 1/4″Replacement Straps
DrillSpare Drill BitsBarcelona Chair

DISCLAIMER: RegencyShop makes no guarantee that the method discussed below will work for the chair you own. RegencyShop strongly recommends professional repair shops to replace the straps. We also highly recommend using proper safety gear.

Please be advised these instructions may only work for Barcelona chair replacement straps purchased from Regency Shop.


  1. Drill the hole into the rivets using the drill, this require the most elbow grease so make sure you apply pressure
  2. Replace the drill-bit if it becomes dull or breaks
  3. Keep drilling until the rivet becomes loose
  4. Remove the rivet using a flat head screw-driver (you may need to pull out the broken rivet using pliers)
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to remove all rivets from the straps as needed
  6. Once the rivets have been removed the straps can now be pulled


  1. Line the holes in the replacement straps with the holes on the frame
  2. Push the rivet partially into the hole (the thicker end goes into the chair through the strap)
  3. Put the stem of the rivet into the rivet-gun and close the gun partially
  4. Close the gun again until you hear a “click” sound
  5. The rivet should now be fully inserted and installed into the hole
  6. Repeat step 1-4 for the all remaining straps until all straps have been installed
Barcelona Chair Strap Replacement – PART1 – REMOVE STRAPS
Barcelona Chair Strap Replacement – PART2 – INSTALL STRAPS

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