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5 contemporary lamps that go well with your Barcelona chair

Your Barcelona chair can stand alone both as functional furniture and as a decorative piece. However, it would be great to mix and match your Barcelona chair with other eye-catching pieces for your home like a contemporary lamp.

There are lots of choices when it comes to the type of contemporary lamps that can go well with your Barcelona chair. You can choose from the different types and designs of floor lamps, pendant lights and table lamps. The different types of lamps alone can make you dizzy but get some ideas from these five contemporary lamps that you can match with your Barcelona chair.

      1. The Bubble Table Lamp

    This lamp, which was designed by Valerio Bottin, is an ideal companion to your Barcelona chair. With the chrome metal finish and an eye catching design, the Bubble Table lamp can be placed as a table accent which can also be a conversation piece. It is available in cream yellow or white color.

      2. Kundalini Shakti Floor Lamp

    The Kundalini Shakti Floor Lamp is a very functional lamp which goes well with modern furniture like your Barcelona chair. It boasts of two lights, the top ambient light and the bottom light for reading. It also has a light diffuser made of and extruded Plexiglass tube that has been city with laser. This very dramatic floor lamp by Marzio Rusconi Clerici is available in pink, red, orange and white to match the color of your Barcelona chair.

      3. Obelisk lamps

    The obelisk lamps are available both as a table lamp and a floor lamp. Your choice will of course depend on the type of Barcelona chair you have in your possession with which you want to match your lamp. The silk shade is matched with a square metal bottom and black wood triangle base.

      4. Spotlight

    Your Barcelona chair should always be on the spotlight and the best way to do this is to match it with a spotlight lamp. The spotlight lamp is available as a table lamp and a floor lamp so choose the one which matches your Barcelona chair best. It has an anodized shade which can be easily adjusted. The chrome metal pole is also classy.

      5. Candles Lamp

    The hourglass shape of this lamp makes it a good match for your Barcelona chair . You can opt for the table candle lamp or the floor table lamp. It has a walnut wood base and a fluted frosted glass shade adding to its simplicity and class.

The choice of lamp to accompany your Barcelona chair will of course depend not only on the color and location of your Barcelona chair but also on your interior design.