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10 Window Treatments That Will Look Great With Your Hanging Bubble Chair

The hanging bubble chair was designed by Eero Aarnio in 1968. It stunned the people of Finland and years later, it still continues to make a statement. The bubble chair can be used indoors or outdoors which is a fun feature. If you choose to use your chair inside, near a window, here are ten window treatments that will look great with your bubble chair ! • Roman shades. Roman shades have great features! You can choose to roll them up or roll them down. So depending on what the sun is doing, you can adjust your shades accordingly as you enjoy your bubble chair. These are ideal for windows that are in the upper half of the room. • Vertical blinds. If your window tends to let a lot of sunlight in, consider vertical blinds. With the switch of a cord, you can fully open and close the blinds or just turn the panels to allow partial lighting. Vertical blinds are available in a wide range of materials and colors. • Sheer curtains. If you want to experience an airy feeling while relaxing in your bubble chair, opt for sheer curtains. The curtains will allow some light in, but still provide privacy. You’ll still be able to feel a breeze if the windows are opened. • Rod-pocket panels. Rod-pocket panels come in a wide variety of fabric and color. These are ideal for a great room or family room. If you want to read while in your bubble chair, just partially pull the panels back. • Lace curtains. Is your bubble chair in the bedroom and you want to create a romantic atmosphere? Put up lace curtains! Go with a soft color, such as a pale blue or pale green. • Faux suede. A window treatment of faux suede will look great in the office! Consider purchasing a few panels and a valance. Choose a color that matches or complements your chair cushions.

• Terry cloth curtains. For the bathroom, make terry cloth curtains! Even if your don’t have a window, create the appearance of a window by hanging a curtain rod on the wall. With matching terry cloth pillows, you’ll have a fun spa area for your bubble chair !

• Themed curtains. Is your child into Thomas the Train? Dora? Toy Story? Purchase curtains with a theme. As your child outgrows the theme, put up curtains with a different theme. • Horizontal blinds. A nice feature with horizontal blinds is you can let sunlight in or block the light. Depending on what you’re doing–watching TV in your bubble chair or crocheting–you can adjust the light. • Beaded chains. For teen and younger girls, hang several beaded chains in front of their bedroom window. You can still hang panels for night time, but during the day as your child sways and twirls in her bubble chair, she’ll enjoy seeing the sunlight reflect off the beads! Have fun choosing a window treatment! The actual room your hanging bubble chair is in, plays a big part in your decision making. But at the same time, be creative and try something that you haven’t thought about before. Have fun!