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10 Tips to Consider Before Buying Barstools

Barstools can be classified as a very unique category of chair. As the name implies, they generally function in some way as seats at the neighborhood drinking establishment; or bar. But what factors go into selecting and obtaining the right barstools for your establishment. Here are the 10 questions to ask yourself before you make that key investment that could make or break your business for years to come.1. First and the most important is the quality and durability of the product. As well as it’s functions and comfort that will attract and meet the customer’s satisfaction.2.Next, what kind of impression are you looking to leave with your customer? At the very least, each customer should feel they just left a well run place of business. When it comes down to it, the general style of your barstools will go a long way in determining this.

3.What will your barstools be made of? Common materials would be wood, steel and plastic. Each varies in cost and needs to be synchronized with the décor and theme of the place.

4.Next, what kind of ergonomics are required? That is, how will your stool generally work with the bodies of your customers? The last thing a small guy needs is mountain climbing skills to get into his seat.

5.Having a good knowledge of your customer without taking detailed measurements for assigned customer barstools will provide you with the best information to make an objective choice on the best height and width.

6.Once you have decided what kind of barstool will meet your needs, it’s time to start thinking about how to obtain this equipment. What is their availability? Do they need to be custom made or can they be obtained “off the shelf” from your supplier?7.How quickly can they be delivered to your place of business? Or do you have to arrange your own pick up and delivery? All these factors add to the total cost and convenience of the transaction.8.If they are to be delivered, how will they be delivered? Who will remove them from the truck? How are they set up at your site? If you need them bolted to the floor, who takes care of this?9.What kind of reputation does you supplier have? A supplier with a good reputation comes highly recommended; even by your competition. 10.Does the supplier have Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation. These suppliers usually take care of delivery and set up; as well as, accept returns if you have not been completely satisfied.

Finally, what is the total cost? Not only do you factor in the purchase price; but, you need to include all the associated fees. Fess such as shipping, installation, replacement and maintenance all need to be considered. These fees can be the deciding factor related to the final decision made.