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10 tips: light dimmers when and where to use them

One may very well ask what one needs light dimmers for. Most people seem to think that one bright light source should be enough for the rooms in their home or office. However, think about it. What do you think would look better in your room — one “over-bright” source of lighting that flattens out all the décor and casts harsh shadows, or multiple sources of light, the intensity of which you can control, based on mood, need, and situation? In addition, some of the modern dimmer can even trim your electricity bill! So think about it when you decorate or remodel, and if you do decide on using light dimmers, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Consider the placement of the dimmers. What rooms do you want them in?

2. Consider what the purpose is. What tasks or effect you want to create will have to decide the intensity of the light, so purpose is very important when choosing a dimmer.

3. Try to place the dimmers near the doors to whichever room you use them in. this will ensure that you can control the intensity as soon as you enter the room, and not have to either stumble or feel blinded before you get the correct amount of light.

4. Use dimmers to create the required effect both in terms of color and shades.

5. Consider the use of dimmers in rooms that need mood lighting. Your living room, during parties, is a good example.

6. Light dimmers can be used to enhance your décor. They work much better than one bright source of light.

7. You can use a dimmer to highlight a particular corner arrangement, or ornament in your décor.

8. You can use dimmers to change the level of light according to the activity, making the same room multipurpose. When more is happening strengthen the light, and dim it at other times.

9. Dimmers can help to decrease the fatigue that can affect your eyes if you are constantly under bright lighting. So any room with bright lights, or lots of lights would be a good choice for dimmers.

10.  Using dimmers outdoors can also work but it’s a bit tricky. Outdoor lighting works really well around swimming pools and campsites. But make sure that your lamps are recommended for outdoor light usage.

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