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10 Most Expensive Furniture Items

The most expensive piece of furniture in the world is a badmitton cabinet. Dr. Johan Kraeftner, who is the Director of the Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna bought this piece of furniture at Christie’s UK Auction for $36,662,106. This item had been auctioned at Christie’s before this and had been sold for $15,178,020. This piece of furniture is 151 ½ inches tall and 91 ¼ inches wide. The Grand Ducal workshops in Florence crafted the Badmitton cabinet for Henry Somerset, the 3rd Duke of Beaufort sometime between the years of 1720-1732.

Most expensive Foosball Table – The Opus is the most expensive Foosball table in the world. The Eleven Forty Company began production of the Opus in 2005. This expensive piece of furniture currently sells for $28,000. Most expensive Table – The most expensive coffee table is made from a calorimeter chamber of a workhorse rocket engine and comes with a 52” glass top. This coffee table is currently priced at $4,000.00.

Most expensive Bed – The most expensive bed is a magnetic floating bed designed by Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars with the help of Bakker Magnetics. This bed floats close to 40cm off the floor by using magnetic force. The full size version of this bed will cost around $1.6 million while the smaller version will only cost around $153,000. Most expensive Stool – The worlds most expensive stool is made of solid gold and weighs 110lbs. This stool is made with $1.3 million dollars worth of gold. Most expensive Executive desk – The Parnian Furniture Designers in Scottsdale Arizona have designed a $200,000 desk. This company uses wood inlays and burls to give the expensive look of success. Desks from these designers are custom built to fit your specific needs. Most expensive coffee table – A pair of George III Polychrome decorated satinwood Pier tables is expected to sell for between $99,600 and $166,000 at Christie’s UK Auction. These tables are a sample of late 18th century furniture. They were designed to display candelabra and flower vases. Apollos lyre badge can be seen at the top of the legs of these tables.

Expensive bed – Another expensive furniture item offered by Christie’s UK auction house is the Late 19th century Ceylonese Jak wood four poster bed. This canopy bed has intricate designs carved on the posts.

Most expensive armoire-The Armoire Debut XVIIIEME Siecle is estimated to be auctioned for as much as $3,965. This 18th century walnut closet has pictures of flowers carved into the doors and stands 80 inches tall.

Most expensive Tea table – A mahogany tea table sold for $6.76 million dollars at Christie’s auction. This piece of furniture was carved in Philadelphia in the 1760’s and had remained in the same family for 250 years. The $6.76 million dollars that it sold for set a record for all Philadelphia furniture. The craftsman who designed this table is said to be among one of the best who worked in the Philadelphia area in the late 1750’s through the early 1760’s.