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10 Coffee Tables That Work Well With The Egg Chair

Now that you’ve made the decision to purchase an arne jacobsen egg chair , choosing a coffee table that complements the chair is vitally important. Here are ten coffee tables that go really well with the egg chair . • Wooden black coffee table. For the office area, a square wooden black table will look sharp with most of the egg chairs. Because of its simplicity, the focus is kept on the chair. Look for a table that has a simple design to the legs. • Pavilion coffee table. This coffee table has a clear glass square top. The frame is made of stainless steel, welded in a single-piece construction. The table would go great with black egg chairs or colored egg chairs (i.e. red, yellow). • Multi-level glass top coffee table. If you have two egg chairs, a multi-level table is ideal. It adds a fun dimension to the space in between the chairs and it’s practical! Tables vary in design–square, circular, abstract, etc. • Noguchi tribeca coffee table. Looking for a table that has a unique shape? This is the one! The plate-glass top has rounded edges and sits on top of a wooden tripod. This classic table would look sharp with any of the egg chairs. • Cherry wood base coffee table. If you have a white egg chair, consider a glass top coffee table with a cherry wood base. The cherry wood adds a hint of color to the space, but doesn’t take away from the chair as the main focal point. • Monique black glass top coffee table. This square cocktail table with its black glass top and aluminum base is breath taking! Place it near a colored egg chair and it will make the chair’s color pop.

• Contemporary “S” shape table. If you have two or more egg chairs , an “S” style coffee table works really well! You can easily place 4 chairs around the table for an interesting seating area. Choose a table with a clear glass top to complement any egg chair.

• Sherry modern coffee table. This table is practical if you want to go between using the table as a desk and then as a coffee table. It has a black glass top with an adjustable base! It easily adjusts from 12 inches to 28 inches. • Elegant coffee table. Forget about “4 legs”! For a modern elegant look, choose a table that has an interesting curved design to the base. • Conos circular coffee table. Going for a sophisticated look? With its small circular base and large circular white glass top, this table will work really well with one or two egg chairs, of any color. The legs are made of black metal. Whether you purchase a coffee table on-line or at a store, have fun making your choice! Choose a table that is modern, has a unique look and appeals to you. Any of the choices above will go great with your egg chair!