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10 Awesome Creations by Hungarian Industrial Designer Eva Zeisel

• The Town and Country Salt and Pepper Shakers. Rounded appearance, this trio of shakers has only three small holes for applying a flavor to any meal. One of the shakers is smaller than the other two. The human-like form that the shakers take on is representative of a family. The small shaker is supposed to represent the “child” in a family or two or three. • The Upright Vases. This is a collection of vases that come in three different styles. The smallest vase, known as the “bud” has a round bottom with a narrow chute that slightly widens around the opening at the top. The medium sized vase is round around the upper section with the top becoming slightly narrow. The bottom of the medium sized vase appears as concave before slightly spreading out at the base. The large vase has a distinct “hourglass” shape with a round bottom, narrow center, and rounded top that contains a wide opening. • The Eva Zeisel Lounge Chair. With its soft, curvature, this chair is constructed with the finest of ash wood. The central part of the chair, which consists of the seat and the back, has a soft cover that slips over the scroll-like shape. The chair’s legs have a wide, U-shaped base. The stretcher below the seat has a rising central section with a space cut out in the center. It resembles a woman’s lips in appearance. • The Eva Zeisel Coffee Table. There is a smooth, transparent and oval shaped surface that comprises of the top of this coffee table. Made of dark and light ash, the bottom is designed with two different symmetrical gothic-like fixtures. One fixture resembles ocean waves, while the other has a distinct “C” shape. • The Jewelry Tree. Here is a creative method for providing someone with a place to store jewelry. The “branches” have the trademark curves that Zeisel incorporates into her designs. The tree is divided into four parts with four legs at the base to hold it upright. • The Eva Kettle. This is a teakettle created from stainless steel, with plastic for the handles. The top handle that is used for carrying the kettle contains an asymmetrical curvature that slopes downward from the front to the back. The lid has a mushroom shaped peg in the center that is used for lifting the lid without burning oneself. There is also a similar shaped peg plugged into the whistle to protect it. It comes in silver, red, and black. • The Gravy Boat. This porcelain bowl has a graceful looking appearance that resembles a small boat. The sides of the bowl rise upwards and then inwards to join together. This gives off the appearance of two hands clasped together in prayer. The bowl is accompanied by an Asian style soupspoon that is also made of porcelain. The spoon is designed with Zeisel’s trademark curvature in mind. • The Eva Zeisel Candlesticks. This collection of candlesticks comes in four distinct styles. The tallest and the second tallest candlesticks have a center that curves slightly outward and a top section that is wide. These candles resemble a person’s appearance. The smaller two candles have a concave center and a wide top. The smallest candle has a pan shaped base. • The Pillow Vase. This is a vase with a shape that is representative of a woman with a pear shaped body. It has four different layers where the bottom is the widest and largest of them all. The three layers on the bottom are round in shape. The top layer is the smallest and has an hourglass design, plus an opening for flowers or plants.

• Splash Bowls. This is a collection of three bowls and a plate that is similar to the gravy boat in appearance; only the sides rise upwards and not inwards. They are made of porcelain and come in several shades of white. The smallest of the splash bowls has the longest “sides” and the large plate has the smallest of “sides”.