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When sitting becomes more than a verb, when it is elevated to an actual experience, you know you have just been gifted an education from the genius that is Eero Aarnio. Certainly the Ball Chair is not for the faint of futuristic heart. Perhaps it would look more appropriate on a sci-fi flick sound stage than in your grandmother’s living room; and that is exactly the point. The Ball Chair, crafted out of fiberglass, creates a personal bio-sphere – emphasis on sphere – right in the midst of your own household. Once you snuggle down into the Aarnio chair, it supports any manner of sitting positions. Imagine curling into such lush comfort on a rainy day with that book you’ve been meaning to finish for months. You might finish the entire series before your friends or family can entice you out again. And the best part? It comes in red, white, blue, and for the serious clean-cut rebel: HOT PINK!

New Modern Eero Aarnio Ball Globe Ball Chair – Brand New!Retro-Futuristic, sit, turn, stretch, talk, rest, dream. Molded fiberglass shell featuring a cashmere seating section and fully padded inner walls.The globe is attached to a reinforced steel lacquered base which also allows the chair to rotate and swivel. This is a high-quality redesign of the original while staying true to the original craftsmanship. Eero Aarnio, the Finnish designer, was a man of his time. 


* Fiberglass Exterior
* Cashmere Interior

* Entertaining iconic masterpiece that successfully blends art and science
* Embracing design that accommodates privacy and conversation
* Sturdy base made from injection-molded metal
* Durable reinforced fiberglass shell
* Expertly-stitched upholstered high-density comfortable foam

Why this item:
* Luxurious Cashmere Interior NOT cheap fabric
* Thicker Fiberglass than other retailers
* RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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