Alfred Chair – Wassily Chair by Marcel Breur


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Originally designed in the 1920’s, the Wassily chair has a charming back story. The given name for this chair was Model B3, however, the artist Wassily Kandinsky admired it and accordingly one was manufactured for his office; after this is when it was given the moniker used today. It is a daring reinterpretation of a club chair, yet for all its intentional cut outs and straps, it remains just as comfortable. Notice the front seat strap that sits at an incline, this adds just that extra bit of support under your knees for the feeling of absolute relaxation. Manufactured with tubular steel and chrome finish, this stylish chair will remain a relevant classic. These chairs can be grouped in a conversation area in your living room just as easily as the foyer to your uptown office suite. Upholstered in white or black leather, the Wassily Chair will fit into any décor, and will look just as sleek no matter how often you change the room around them. Marcel Breuer designed the Wassily chair in honor of his colleague, the father of abstract painting, Wassily Kandinsky. In the spirit of abstraction, the Wassily Chair reduced the forms of a traditional club chair to its simplest contours, represented by a seamless steel tubing (inspired by the handlebars of a bicycle. The surfaces of a traditional club chair (seat, back and armrests) were also abstracted and represented by thick and sleek leather slings. This high quality reproduction is made of high-quality materials, while staying true to the original. The Alfred chair is a high quality versions of the Wassily Chair that offers stylish beautiful lines and will bring a modern look to your home or office! This item is not manufactured by and is not a product of Knoll. Regencyshop is in no way affiliated with Knoll. KNOLL, INC. PRODUCES AND SELLS THE AUTHENTIC MARCEL BREUR WASSILY CHAIR, AT PRICES MANY TIMES HIGHER THAN THE PRICE OF OUR ALFRED CHAIR REPLICA. OUR REPLICA OF THE CHAIR IS INTENDED FOR CONSUMERS WHO WISH TO PURCHASE A REPRODUCTION OF A CHAIR OF HISTORIC DESIGN AT A LOWER PRICE. REGENCYSHOP HAS NO AFFILIATION WITH KNOLL AND DOES NOT SELL, DISTRIBUTE OR OFFER FOR SALE ANY PRODUCT MADE OR OFFERED FOR SALE BY KNOLL. WHILE OUR ALFRED CHAIRS HAVE A SIMILAR DESIGN TO THE WASSILY CHAIR SOLD BY KNOLL, REGENCYSHOP CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT OUR REPLICAS CONFORM TO THE EXACT SPECIFICATIONS OF THE CHAIR DESIGNED BY MARCEL BREUR AND SOLD BY KNOLL. VISITORS TO THIS SITE WHO WISH TO CONSIDER BUYING THE AUTHENTIC WASSILY CHAIR FROM KNOLL, SHOULD VISIT KNOLL’S WEBSITE AT KNOLL.COM


*High-quality Leatherette
*Durable Stainless Steel Frame

*Armchair with hide and tubular steel frame
*Chrome plated or lacquered
*Steel back and armrests in hide
*Welded or ABS caps

Available Colors:

Why this item:
* Luxurious Leatherette Upholstery NOT cheap synthetic
* Flawless Hand-Stitching
* Rust-proof stainless steel frame
* RISK-FREE 100% 

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