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LEM Piston Style Bar Stools


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*Price includes 2 bar stools.*   Rethink your ideas of the same old standard bar stool. After all, how many times can you say your derriere graced an award-winning seat? This one looks gravity defying, yet clean, contemporary lines define the LEM Stool. It pivots as gracefully as a prima ballerina, if ballerinas packed the same power as an NFL linebacker. With its compressed gas piston attached to a discreet under-seat lever, you can adjust your seating height to whatever level necessary- and for whatever situation you find yourself in. Sleek and ergonomic it compliments your high end tastes and demand for comfort, but doesn’t clutter your space. Whether you’re the ultimate entertainer, or the once in a blue moon companion, the silent sentinel of style that is the LEM bar stool will do more than speak to your cultivated refinement. Get the black leather upholstery for that ‘black-tie affair’ in an everyday room; or the white vinyl for a room that screams classic chic.  This LEM Piston style bar stool has an unusual novel design. The curved seat is ergonomically designed to make this metal bar stool one of the most comfortable bar stools around.  Shopping for modern bar stools for the home: Coordinating with the clean, uncluttered lines of modern furniture, means that the upholstered bar stools selected should reflect that look. It also means that a vinyl or leather upholstery is the most successful in keeping with a simple style that will blend with the rest of the furnishings. The bar, itself, should be sleek and sophisticated, and white bar stools should be at the top of the list of choices, provided the bar is a color and not a stained wood. A black bar with white stools is the ultimate reflection of chiq taste, and there are many modern bar stools in white vinyl or leather available for the choosing. Another factor to be considered: where will the stools be used? If they will be located in the kitchen, vinyl upholstery is the wiser choice. In another area where food preparation is not an issue, a variety of upholsteries may be considered, with the caveat of wear and tear the stools will be undergoing. A game room, for instance, implies a hard-use factor, whereas a living area may not require that kind of hardiness. The last thing to be contemplated is the height of the stool. Many manufacturers are kind enough to mention the counter height suitable for the stool model. It is imperative that consumers know the counter height while shopping. Needless to say, the inconvenience of a poor choice would be frustrating, and perhaps costly. Using the computer to find the right style involves a process. However, the search will be more efficient if Google “images” is used as a starting point for modern bar stools. By narrowing the search to white bar stools, the results will show styles that tend to be more modern than traditional. Making a selection of a number of upholstered bar stools, from among the large inventory shown, is a wise approach as the prices may vary widely. The next step is to enter the stools into one of the price search sites-or several-to use the pricing category that will suit the budget. It is also important to realize, that if the decision is made to order online, a shipping and handling cost will be added to the price shown with the item. If, however, the object is to buy from a local retailer that carries the brand selected, the shipping fee may be neglected somewhat. The price will still be higher than that shown on the site, barring a “discontinued” sale in the local store.

* Leatherette
* Stainless steel baseBenefits:
* Modern design and comfortable
* Swivel Action
* Adjustable height
* Expertly stitched upholstery
* A highly-functional work of art that withstands daily use at a price that won’t wear you downAvailable Colors:
* White
* Black
* Premium Custom Colors (see chart below)

Why this item:
* Flat-pan base NOT cheap stool base
* Suitable for high-traffic areas
* RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Black, White, Premium Custom Color (+$199.00)


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