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Le Corbusier Grande Sofa LC3


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Swiss-born French architect and designer, Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, or Le Corbusier as he was known, said “Chairs are architecture, sofas are bourgeois.” As so it was, as the tubular network of steel struts he built for his chairs were expanded to create the larger Le Corbusier Sofa version of the design which he exhibited at Salon d’Automne in 1929. His designs were based on an approach of form and functionalism which became the core focus of the designs of the Modern era. The sofa is both sturdy and comfortable. The chrome plated tubular steel frame is both functional and aesthetic, complimenting and accentuating the rectangular shapes represented throughout the design. Deeply padded seat cushions and backrests allow surprisingly soft seating, considering that the stark lines of the sofa give it a rigid and square appearance. The Le Corbusier sofa is available in cashmere and leather upholstery and is produced in a variety of colors .  Le Corbusier is without a doubt one of the most influential and most admired architects of the twentieth century. With his innovative visions for the home, he became an important figure of the Modernist era. Made from 100% soft Premium leather with comfortable cushions and solid polished steel tubular construction. This is a high-quality reproduction of the original design. The Le Corbusier Sofa is one of the more popular furniture designs from the established architect, Le Corbusier or Charles Edouard Jeanneret. Known for revolutionizing the urban architecture scene, he, alongside with his cousin Pierre Jeaneret, created an entire line of furniture with the Le Corbusier Sofa, a part of the LC2 and LC3 series, being one to remain and stand out the most. The Sofa has the normal cushion system that one would find an a normal concept. The inside are multi-density foam that are designed to both firmly distribute weight but also withstand large pressure which allows them to last a longer than the usual period of usage. The cushions are lined and covered with high quality leather upholstery, also as per norm. The main distinction from the Le Corbusier style Sofa from a regular design of a sofa is the frame. Where as usual sofas use a series of pegs on the bottom or a wood frame which is covered by material, the Le Corbusier Sofa uses a stainless steel frame. Bars of usually chromed, stainless steel are stretches around the back and bottom of the sofa, creating a cage-like structure, and help up on steel stands at the corners. Visually, the sofa shows a contrast with the black leather and clear stainless steel and almost brings a cake to mind. There are two variations of the sofa, being the Le Corbusier LC2 and Le Corbusier LC3. The only differences are slight material differences and color, i.e. black and white. The Le Corbusier Sofa is the definite choice for anyone looking to add a modernistic feel into their household which keeping in mind comfort and sustainability. The Le Corbusier Sofa will usually retain up to a thousand, but the revolutionary masterpiece of a renowned architect


*Stainless steel frame, polished to mirror shine, will not rust or chip
*Top grain leather from cattle hides
*Bottom cushion is reinforced for firm, long-lasting comfort.

*Sofa with hide and tubular steel frame
*Chrome plated or lacquered base
*Steel back and armrests
*ABS caps for extra protection

Available Colors:

Why this item:
* Luxurious Leather Upholstery NOT cheap PU
* Flawless Hand-Stitching
* Rust-proof stainless steel frame
* RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Black, White, Premium Custom Color (+$199.00)


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