Eco-Friendly Black Mid-Back Office Chair

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No worries, you are working hard and on the way to the executive suite. You will be sitting strong in this eco-friendly black leatherette chair. The lumbar support allows for less stiffness when you are working on your next genius plan or project. As a mid-back office chair with high quality faux leather upholstery, this chair will look sharp in multiple settings – office, cubicle, or meeting room. You will want one for your home office as well. This chair features a cushioned headrest and pillowed seams in the front and a well structured back for support. Reaching the height adjustment with ease, you will be at the right setting for desk, conference table or work table. Sit back in your eco-friendly high quality leatherette chair and enjoy how the cushioned seat draws you further in. Rotate around your work space as your chair swivels with your gentle push. Take a break, but you won’t want to leave your seat. Kickback and rest with the sturdy armrests. This Eco-Friendly Black Mid-Back Office Chair is a must-have for the up and coming manager or director. Look the part of an executive while working your way up the ladder.

Product Dimensions: 27.5 x 25 x 38.8 inches