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*Price includes 2 bar stools.*  The Wishbone swivel Bar stool can enhance a modern bar or home alike. These stylish bar stools are made from high quality leatherette and chrome plated steel.  Finding a white bar stool table with stools  You want a white pub bar stool table with matching stools. You’ve never seen a white one, but if it’s out there, you’ll find it! Just hope it’s not too expensive. You’re also on the hunt for bar stools cheap enough to stay on budget and still fit the table. You may want to think about a bar stool white that’s not stark white, but perhaps on the “milky” side. It might need to do some dirt hiding. It may be easier to find an inexpensive bar stool table than you think. Google “images” it first. There are virtually hundreds of white ideas to look at and if you find several you like, you’ll have no trouble narrowing them down to find the ones that fit your budget. The least expensive ones will probably be made of wood and painted. That’s great, because if you want to paint them another color to move to another room, it’s easily done. The next question is what style you want to select. Is the room where they’ll be placed a casual space, or formal? If it’s going in the kitchen, perhaps as an island, you’ll want one to look good with a bar stool white vinyl that’s easy to clean without taking the finish off. Perhaps the idea is to have stools placed on one side so that it becomes a work surface when it’s not being used as an eating counter. That’s right; make your investment do double duty. Once you have the table sorted out, you’ll be looking for bar stools cheap enough, but not so inexpensive that they’ll fall apart after a few months. Gage your style to your budget, but be certain you have a product that the manufacturer guarantees for a length of time that justifies the expense. How many will you be buying, and where they’ll be placed, are major considerations for your budget allowance. It could be that you want the table and stools to be accent pieces, in a large room, needing a corner to be filled. That being the case, longevity concern is not a major factor in your selection. You can find all sorts of combinations, and perhaps you’ll take the white table to begin with. You may end up painting an interesting harlequin pattern on the top, as well as on the bar stools, to add a charming note in a kitchen that has a plain white counter. The bonus? The harlequin table and stools will provide extra seating space when company arrives to spend the weekend, and you can’t have too many eating surfaces.


Stainless steel base

Modern design and comfortable
Swivel Action
Adjustable height
Expertly stitched upholstery
A highly-functional work of art that withstands daily use at a price that wont wear you down

Available Colors:
Premium Custom Colors (see chart below)

Why this item:
Flat-pan base NOT cheap stool base
Suitable for high-traffic areas
RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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