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*Price includes 2 bar stools.* Traditional or modern—bar stools add a warm, casual look They are produced in many styles, but can only be divided into two classifications: traditional or modern. Subsequently it should be acknowledged that with the addition of bar stools, whether stationary bar stools wood, or swivel bar stools, the room will be transformed into an informal space. Wood has the traditional edge, as the original bar and bar stools were made of wood and, no doubt, matched. Today the choices of wood are infinite and with an interesting array, purchasing a bar and stools to match the other woods in the room should not be difficult. If you know the name of the wood that comprises most of the furnishings in the space you will be able to make a good choice for the bar stools wood and can most likely make a good choice by shopping the online “find” sites where you will be shown a gallery of offerings. If you do not know the name of the wood used for most of your furniture, it is suggested that you take a photo of the wood in the room should you decide to visit a furniture store. A close-up of the wood grain would also be helpful to identify the closest match in a dealer’s inventory. You’ll be the judge of how close he gets when you see what he has to offer.Wood bar stools can also be modern, as demonstrated by Shin and Tomoko Azumi’s “Nuevo Nero” design. There aren’t many, but a careful research will turn them up and you may find the perfect match for your modern wood furnishings. Most wood swivel bar stools are traditional, however, and come in styles that begin in the bentwood tradition of the late nineteenth century and follow the design trends into the present day, leaving no traditional stone unturned. A cherry wood bar and stools set would make an attractive addition to a family room that uses cherry wood as its main theme. There are quite a few sets being produced in this popular species.In the modern vein, metal seems to capture the forefront , adding a utilitarian aesthetic to the kitchen counter, if that’s where you plan to add the stools. If the kitchen island is the target, they will echo the pot wrack over the island and each will enhance the other. They’ll also stand up well to the spills and mess of a kitchen counter—easily cleaned and refurbished. Finding metal stools with arms is only slightly problematic.With all the choices available, you should be able to match or complement the furnishings in the area where you wish to place the stools. They will make a fine addition to the space.

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Black, Premium Custom Color (+$199.00)


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