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Sasso Bar Stool


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Complete your home kitchen or bar with the Sasso Bar Stool. This stool with its unusual and stylish seat offers a comfortable form of seating, whether your eating a meal or simply having a quick cocktail. Made out of Black ABS Plastic the seat is hard wearing and supported by a strong chrome frame will suit any home environment.Dimensions:Min Height: 30.3 inMax Height: 38.6 in Min Seat Height: 23.6 inMax Seat Height: 32 in Width: 18.11 inDepth: 15.3 inPreferences lead choice when shopping for bar stoolsIf you are an online shopper, the wide array of bar stools being offered for sale is staggering. You have some ideas about preferences. You know you need tall bar stools, but should you choose a metal bar stool that relates to the kitchen, or should you select oak bar stools that match the furniture in the family room? Is the location for the stools closer to the family room? If so, by looking at the furniture style in the family room, you can choose oak bar stools that seem to have the same hue as the furnishings. Since oak comes in various stains, you may have to find a dealer that carries the brand you see on the computer to be sure of the choice. If however, the stools are at some distance from the oak in the family room, an exact match will not be critical if you merely observe the difference between a light and dark oak finish. Upholstery is another choice you will want to consider and deserves a keen observation of what exists in the family room. If the fabrics are all solid, it might be interesting to find a patterned fabric that uses all the solid colors in the room. Along with the oak finish, the upholstery would create a strong relationship with the family room. Still in the tall bar stools category, you may decide you prefer a metal bar stool, because they sit on the kitchen side of the bar. In that case, the stools will need to relate to the kitchen. Do you have a modern, state of the art kitchen, loaded with stainless steel appliances? There are metal stools made with a stainless steel finish. There are some wonderful chrome stools available-super bright and even elegantly modern, if that is your preference. If you decide you want upholstered stools, for comfort, be sure to choose one of the fabrics that repels stains. The microfiber fabric is a good choice, but there are many others, including vinyl, that will make the stool upkeep easy. With your preference in place, style is the next decision to consider. The choice is made easier for you when you look at the kitchen, in one instance, or the family room in the other. If you have decorated the kitchen in a country style, then look for a stool style that reflects that motif. Ruffles on the curtains means a curvilinear style for the stools. In the family room, if the furnishings are blocky-looking, the stools should be blocky as well. Making this decision is easier when based on preferences to begin with, then using existing conditions to refine your choices.

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