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Pod Egg Chair


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The beautiful pod egg chair is one of the most comfortable and futuristic looking chair available. This chair is not only fun to chill-out in, it is surprisingly comfortable. The egg pod chair also comes with the option to turn this into a speaker egg chair with built-in amplifier. You can plug in your ipod or mp3 player and enjoy your favorite music inside the most modern, cool looking egg pod chair available!


Fiberglass Exterior
Luxurious Cashmere Interior

Entertaining iconic masterpiece that successfully blends art and science
Embracing design that accommodates privacy and conversation
Sturdy base made from injection-molded aluminum
Durable reinforced fiberglass shell
Expertly stitched upholstered high-density comfortable foam
A highly-functional work of art that withstands daily use at a price that wont wear you down

Why this item:
Luxurious Interior NOT cheap fabric
Thicker Fiberglass than other retailers
RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Black, Green, Red, Blue, Premium Custom Color (+$199.00)

ipod/mp3 Aux + 3-Way Speakers

None, Add (+$199.00)


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