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Petal Chairs based on Tulip Chairs by Eero Saarinen





In design perfection, this chair was built specifically for the comfort and style. As gorgeous as it is functional, the Petal chair is a replica of the tulip chair design by Eero Saarinen. It is a must have for anyone who holds innovation close to their hearts. Indeed, Eero Saarinen turned not just the world of furniture on its ear, but also the way everyone learned to think about re-interpreting tradition. Before Saarinen groundbreaking departure from furniture with legs that take up space, block view, and stop flowing clean lines, no one had ever considered utilizing a simple, elegant central leg for a base. Our Petal Chair replica of the Eero Saarinen design stands at 35 inches tall, and the seat is a roomy 20 plus inches in diameter. The base is cast aluminum, and the shell of the chair is vinyl wrapped fiberglass for strength and flowing rigidity. Featuring a decadently padded, yet removable seat cushion, you’ll comfortably spin 360 degrees to keep an eye on all the happenings around you. Obviously these chairs work best when combined with our Petal table replica of Saarinen’s tulip table; however, they look stunning grouped together in a conversation space. Petal Chair is a quality product. It has a swivel seat with a padded cushion upholstered in vinyl. Whites are reinforced bonded finishes that maintain their gloss through years of use. This item is not manufactured by and is not a product of Knoll. Regencyshop is in no way affiliated with Knoll. KNOLL, INC. PRODUCES AND SELLS THE AUTHENTIC EERO SAARINEN TULIP CHAIR, AT PRICES HIGHER THAN THE PRICE OF OUR PETAL CHAIR REPLICA. OUR REPLICA IS INTENDED FOR CONSUMERS WHO WISH TO PURCHASE A REPRODUCTION OF A HISTORIC DESIGN AT A LOWER PRICE. REGENCYSHOP HAS NO AFFILIATION WITH KNOLL AND DOES NOT SELL, DISTRIBUTE OR OFFER FOR SALE ANY PRODUCT MADE OR OFFERED FOR SALE BY KNOLL. WHILE OUR PETAL CHAIRS HAVE A SIMILAR DESIGN TO THE TULIP CHAIR SOLD BY KNOLL, REGENCYSHOP CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT OUR REPLICAS CONFORM TO THE EXACT SPECIFICATIONS OF THE CHAIR DESIGNED BY SAARINEN AND SOLD BY KNOLL. VISITORS TO THIS SITE WHO WISH TO CONSIDER BUYING THE AUTHENTIC TULIP CHAIR FROM KNOLL, SHOULD VISIT KNOLL’S WEBSITE AT KNOLL.COM

* Fiberglass Exterior
* Leatherette SeatBenefits:
* Modern design that grants visual freedom with sweeping curves and light form
* A low-density aluminum base finished to protect the furniture from corrosion
* Durable fiberglass expertly molded to craft the base and arms into a singular shape
* Reinforced with a plastic bonded finish for enduring protection and modern shine
* Comfortable and convenient removable high density cushion
* A simple and pure embracing design at a price you can rest your eyes
* Expertly stitched upholstered high-density polyurethane foam
* A highly-functional work of art that withstands daily use at a price that won’t wear you down

Why this item:
* Thicker Fiberglass than other retailers
* RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


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