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Ghost Chair (Set of 4)


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*Price includes set of 4 chairs*

Everyone knows and appreciates the style of Louis XVI furniture. Even the most economically challenged dream of winning the lottery and filling up their brand new mansions with them. Just the thought represents royal stateliness. The Ghost chair is a complete reinterpretation of the historic classic – with an overt cheeky twist. If wit is educated insolence, this piece is absolute facetious brilliance. In perfect mirror imaging of the medallion back rest, the gently sloping legs and ambitiously bowed armrests of the original Louis XVI arm chair, the Ghost chair nails every detail. With the exception of the obvious: the classic antiques are not clear acrylic. Standing at just a fraction less than 3 feet with a 15 inch width, this chair will bear witness to your clearly superior knowledge. Consider it a litmus test for any would be friends. If they really get it- keep ’em. If they don’t, well, clearly they don’t belong in your circle anyway. Off with their heads. Philippe Starck’s Ghost Chair is an iconic take on the classic Louis XVI armchair is the beautiful reminder of baroque style architecture. The ghost chair is a comfortable and dazzling chair made from polycarbonate and acrylic.


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