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Price includes 2 bar stools. The only way to have ‘bar’ and ‘fly’ in the same sentence, when speaking about the interior of your home. This super-sonic style seating is designed for fashionable chiq and comfort; the sleek style combined with a 14 inch seat will make it increasingly difficult to entice guests to go home. Additionally, the Fly Bar Stool has an under-seat lever to raise and lower to any height needed from just under 2 feet to just under 3 feet. The raised back rest boasts some serious support for additional contentedness. Manufactured from polished chrome the Fly Bar Stool’s frame sports a footrest and the leatherette upholstery is ultra-modern (and super easy to clean). With added detail like chrome banding around the seat itself, this bar stool is one for the ages. And since it has no appreciable resemblance to any sort of flying pest- feel free to use ‘Fly’ as defined by modern linguists – cool, hot and in style.  The reproduction Fly Bar stool is as luxurious as a swivel bar stool can get. The counter bar stool is stylish, modern and stable for many years to come.  You can redesign old or enhance new stools for your home. You may not want to spend a lot of money on home bar stools , but there are inexpensive stools out there. Think about taking these home bar stools and making them unique, just by adding your special touch. Also, think about the stools you have now. You may just want to kick them up a little bit. Go the Shabby Chiq route. Before you put that first coat of paint on them, take the hammer or steel wool and create some texture. Now put a base coat of one color on them, followed by the scratch coat that you’ll use to distress the surface. Finish off that can of paint you have out in the storeroom; you liked it as a wall color, and now you can use it on the stools as an undercoat. Lightly sand the first coat of paint. Buy a can of white, black or silver—whatever you think will look right with the base color—and paint it on in individual strokes, only to take it off with a dry brush a few seconds later. You have to be very careful not to let the second coat run. After all, what your facsimileing is supposed to look like paint that’s begun to wear off—giving it that aged look. You can add an antique touch to plain kitchen counter bar stools in no time. If you’ve purchased inexpensive new kitchen counter bar stools, and you wish they looked a little more fetching, think about decoupage, if they’re wood, or use a small pattern template if they’re plastic. (You’ll have to buy an abrasive to apply first to get paint to stick to plastic.) Decoupage is merely dipping a fabric or paper into a thin mixture of glue and water. Using small pieces of fabric or paper that you’ve ripped or cut, submerge each piece in the glue mixture and smooth it onto the stool’s surface. Be sure to do the underside of the stool as well. Keep adding fabric or paper (maybe both!) until you’ve covered the stool. Let it dry for a good three days. This is the important part. You will want to put a sealer on the decoupage and make absolutely sure that no one uses these stools until a week has elapsed. It will be easier to paint the legs to match. A swivel barstool may be a little trickier, but this treatment will put a snappy modern look on those stools if you’ll apply chrome auto paint (the real paint from an auto shop) and spray them several, several times—very lightly, each time. (If you want to invest some cash, pay the auto shop to paint them.) The more coats you give them the better they will look. Now if there’s room for them, make or buy some thin velvet cushions—your choice of color, of course—you’ll find these stools have punched up your room, making it feel like a new space has just exploded in your kitchen, family room or entertainment room in the basement. Don’t be timid; take a chance. You can paint the swivel barstool as many times as you wish until you find the shiny that works for you.


Stainless steel base

Modern design and comfortable
Swivel Action
Adjustable height
Expertly stitched upholstery
A highly-functional work of art that withstands daily use at a price that wont wear you down

Available Colors:
Premium Custom Colors (see chart below)

Why this item:
Flat-pan base NOT cheap stool base
Suitable for high-traffic areas
RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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